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Why Hire Us? Property Management Benefits

Are you looking for a professional vacation rental property management company in Summit County, Colorado? Look no more—Bighorn Rentals can help.

Our property management services are affordable and highly efficient. Our years of experience enable us to provide unrivalled services to all of our clients.

We understand how valuable your investment is to you. It is to us too, which is why we offer the best services in the industry.

Still on the fence about becoming our next business partner?

Here are just some of the services you can expect when you choose to work with Bighorn Rentals.


1. Effective Marketing 


Our marketing strategies are aimed at exposing clients’ properties to as many potential guests as possible. Consequently, we’re able to fill vacant units quickly.

We’ll start by writing an effective rental ad. A short, sweet and well-thought-out ad helps encourage prospective guests to see the property. Next, we’ll market your property on well-known vacation rental sites like Expedia, HomeAway, VRBO and Airbnb.

We’ll also market your rental space to the thousands of regular guests we have in our database.

2. Efficient Guest Screening

It’s paramount to ensure your property is booked by top quality guests. Problematic guests are the last thing you want. However, far too often, vacation rental owners rely on their intuition that an applicant will be truthful when filling out the rental application form.

This isn’t always enough as some applicants may lie.

At Bighorn Rental, we use a variety of tools that help us sniff out potentially problematic tenants. These tools ensure that only quality tenants get to rent your property. Quality tenants mean fewer issues like negligent property damage or disturbances.

3. Legal Compliance


A long list of laws governs the vacation rental industry. And most of these laws tend to favor guests. Without a good understanding of these laws, you could find yourself in legal trouble.

What's more, these laws are regularly updated. A law that was applicable last year may not be applicable today. Keeping up with these updates could be draining for you.

At Bighorn Rentals, we’re well-versed and up-to-date with these laws. Once you hire us, you can rest easy knowing your property is in safe hands.

4. Less Stress

Property managers have a lot on their plate. From finding and screening guests to handling repairs and maintenance issues, property management can feel overwhelming and stressful.

Thankfully, you can count on Bighorn Rentals to help. We’re a full-service property management company.
We'll handle everything on your behalf as you spend your free time doing other important things. Our staff is on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

5. More Bookings


Are you not receiving as many bookings for your rental property as you would like?

We can help you achieve your booking goals. We’ve been able to successfully help our clients increase their rental bookings through our tried-and-tested strategies, such as:

  • Providing an honest and professional representation of your property
  • Using professional photography to showcase your rental
  • Marketing your rental to handpicked rental listing sites
  • Using reviews to promote your property
  • Offering amenities for repeat bookings
  • Booking shortages will become a thing of the past.
  • Bookings for your vacation property means more rental income for your bank account, and overall better ROI.

6. Cost-Efficient solutions

One of our primary objectives is ensuring that our clients enjoy cost-efficiency, which we achieve by minimizing operational expenses.

So, how do we minimize operational expenses? One way is by performing regular preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance helps catch issues before they become serious and costly.

Besides the cost factor, staying on top of maintenance issues is beneficial in various ways. One, a properly maintained vacation rental will make guests happy. Happy guests can mean a return visit and more business.

Colorado law also requires landlords to provide safe and habitable premises to their tenants, which is another one of our main priorities.

7. Peace of Mind


Handling tenants is never an easy job. It not only requires ample time but also decent skills, knowledge and experience.

At Bighorn Rentals, we have everything it takes to ensure your vacation rental business is a success and runs smoothly.

With us by your side, you can rest easy knowing:

  • Our team is available to you and your guests 24/7.
  • You have full-service property management for your business.
  • You can check into your homeowner dashboard to view important financial statements at any time.
  • You have an experienced partner who can help you realize your investment goals.


8. Better ROI

Yield management is something that we’re great at. We’re result-oriented when maximizing gross revenue, rates and occupancy levels.

Our goal is to ensure our clients reap as much revenue from their investments as possible. It’s no wonder clients just keep coming back to us with new rental properties to manage.

Your success is just as important to us as it is to you. We’ve done it for others, and we’re confident we can do it for you.

So, what are you still waiting for? If you’re a vacation rental owner looking to know how you can net more, contact us today!

Give us a call and let us manage your vacation rental lodging for you. You can get in touch with us at (800)826-7706 or

Our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Already own a vacation home? Thinking about buying one?

Already own a vacation home? Thinking about buying one?

Bighorn Rentals is here to help!  We can provide an accurate assessment of your home's rental potential, an understanding of what guests are looking for and a professional staff to make sure it all gets done right.

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