Travel Mistakes to Avoid

travel mistakes

Traveling exposes us to different situations that can also end up as learning experiences. It’s part of the fun but there are certain mistakes we can avoid to save our time and money. 

Here are some tips to help you avoid typical travel mistakes: 

Mapping Out a Lengthy Itinerary

It’s nice to plan a detailed trip. Just be careful not to overdo it. You want to leave some time for spontaneity. Remember that unexpected things can shift your plans like delayed transportation which affects your travel schedule. 

Be flexible and have alternate plans. Provide rest periods and avoid overexerting yourself to see everything in one day.

Packing Too Much Stuff

A lot of travelers have a problem with overpacking, thinking they might need a particular item but then they end up not using it. It’s best to pack light for trips. Aside from being free of excess weight, it’s easier to move around. When packing, take only the essentials and buy something at your destination when needed.

Ignoring Your Budget

It’s difficult to enjoy your trip when you run out of travel funds so always mind your budget. You can still have fun while sticking to your travel budget. Have a realistic budget before heading on a trip. Plan what things you want to buy and experience, and add a bit more to your funds to cover emergencies.

two passports sitting on tops of maps and guidebooks next to a compass

Being Dependent on Guidebooks

Guidebooks are great sources of information but they can also end up being restrictive if you solely focused on their recommendations. You can engage with other travelers and locals at your destination and ask them for tips. Be open to new places and do some exploration of your own rather than limiting your experiences to what you read in guidebooks.

Scheduling Flights with Short Layovers

Granted you want to maximize your holiday breaks, but it’s still not advisable to book flights with little time in between. You have to consider delays such as long lines at the airport and the distance between terminals, as well as flight delays which can result in missed connecting flights.

Not Arranging Backups for Pictures

A lot of things happen when you travel. You could lose your camera or your memory card can catch a virus making it hard to recover your travel photos. Storing your memories is valuable so back up your pictures so you can always relive your trips. You can use a USB drive or cloud storage for photo-saving.

Forgetting to Double-check Travel Documents and Bookings

It can be expensive to rebook your flights and accommodations so always double-check your reservations. This covers flights, hotels, and other transportation arrangements. Review the time and location and verify that your information is spelled right for reservations.

a couple of United States passports pocking out of a luggage’s pocket

Neglecting to Purchase Travel Insurance

We all want to cut back on additional expenses but buying insurance provides you with more peace of mind if unfortunate situations arise. It makes a difference when your baggage gets lost, your trip is delayed or canceled, or there’s an emergency. Make sure to read the conditions in the insurance you’re buying so it fits the coverage you’re looking for.

Failing to Inform Your Bank of Expected Foreign Transactions

It’s best to alert your bank before you go on a trip. Inform them that you’re planning an overseas trip and the countries you’ll be visiting so they won’t find your bank activity suspicious. 

Forgetting to Consider the Time Zones when Booking Flights

When planning a trip, consider the time zone of the places you’ll be visiting. Take note of them when purchasing plane tickets. This limits your confusion and makes you cope better with jet lag.

Failing to have Copies of Your Vital Documents

Ensure that you have your physical documents such as passports, IDs, and bank cards with you. But also keep a digital copy for easier tracking and identification in case the documents get lost. 

Exchanging Large Amounts for Foreign Currency Before the Trip

If you do this, you lose out on better rates and incur high fees. It’s advisable to exchange a little cash that will tide you over until you reach your travel destination and find a money exchange that offers good rates. 

Person exchanging cash at an exchange booth

Try to avoid the exchange booths at the airport since they often have low rates and high fees.

Being Unaware of the Hidden Credit Card Charges for Foreign Transactions

Although it’s convenient to use your credit card when shopping abroad, you also pay for this convenience. Aside from the higher exchange rates charged, banks will bill you additional foreign transaction fees. 

Contact your bank beforehand to learn what the transaction fees are for foreign purchases. This way, you can exercise control when using your credit card while traveling.

Insufficiently Researching Your Destination

If you land in a new place without an inkling of what to do, then you may waste some time organizing a last-minute itinerary. Research online before arriving so you have a set of activities to do. Learn as much information on fun things to try ahead of time.

Not Venturing Out of the Regular Tourist Tours

Since you’re traveling to a new place, see it as an adventure. Try things that aren’t typical. Make your trip personal and memorable and experience something new rather than following others. 

Being Culturally Insensitive

When you’re in another country, take time to be aware of the customs and adjust. Ignoring the culture can make you appear rude to the locals.

three people joining hands to symbolize unity

Even if you find it odd or unfamiliar, give way to understanding. Being open to other cultures allows you to appreciate different ways of living and make your trip more enjoyable.

Bottom Line

If you avoid making these mistakes while traveling you’re more likely to enjoy your trip and experience fewer unpleasant surprises. If you’re looking to travel to Colorado and need comfortable and well-priced vacation rentals, contact the team at Bighorn Rental today!

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