Vacation Rental Maintenance Guide

When it comes to vacation rental maintenance prevention is better than cure. Major issues can be prevented when scheduled maintenance is planned and followed. Any minor issues should be addressed within a reasonable timeframe rather than waiting for them to get worse and become expensive to fix.

If you don’t know where to start when planning your maintenance routine, we have broken down the basics of rental maintenance here at Bighorn Rentals.

Vacation Rental Maintenance

As a rental owner, all types of houses need to be taken care of, regardless how new or foolproof you designed your house to be. Repairs and maintenance are necessary to make the rental home comfortable and functional. It is your tenant’s right to quiet enjoyment by having the facilities and amenities properly maintained and repaired.

The way you maintain your vacation rental is not the same as the way you maintain your own home. Since guests who will stay in your rental will be different and will vary, the house and everything in there will go through faster wear and tear.

The following reasons for maintaining the house are essential and should be included in your checklist as a landlord.

Reliable Security

Your rental home should promote tenant’s safety and comfort, especially for renters traveling alone. Having a modern security system can help protect your investment as well as your renters.

 a door with a deadbolt lock

Latest technologies are easy to install so once these are in place, you must make sure that they are working properly to guarantee your tenants safety.

When conducting maintenance on battery-operated security systems, you must be ready with spare batteries. The tools needed to change them should also be accessible to make it easy if the situation would require the tenant to do it.

If there are motion detection devices installed in the rental property, regularly test the accuracy of range detection. Some of the angles may be blocked unintentionally so it is important that you test the full range of motion detection and apply the necessary adjustments.

All points of entry should also be well-maintained. So, if you have trees or bushes on your property, schedule landscaping to have them trimmed and eliminate possible hiding spots for intruders.

If possible, change the locks every time you turn over the unit to stop past guests from entering the house. Periodically check the doorknobs and make sure that they are still in good condition. Replace them when needed.

Integral Interiors

The maintenance done for your vacation rental will depend on what type of home you have. Regardless of the construction type or materials used in building the house, it is essential that you check the integrity of the interiors and the structure of the house.

a well maintained study with a blue wall

The parts of the house that need special handling or need extra care when being checked for upkeep, such as bathrooms or windows, should be included in your checklist. Be specific when giving out instructions to your contractors.

Repair cracks and remove or paint over stains. Schedule a deep clean and address mold and mildew issues frequently. Periodical maintenance of any heat recovery and ventilation system is important to keep it in good shape and part of your responsibility in regards to fire safety. Electrical wires, outlets, breaker panels must be kept in tip-top shape.

If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s better to seek advice from your property manager and they can take care of scheduling the maintenance regime for the HVAC system.

Durable Exteriors

Overlooking the exterior of your rental home can cause bigger issues in the long run as the unrepaired damages can cause damage on the inside as well. Some examples include structural damage, termites, and mildew.

Inspect the outside of your rental and make sure that it is still appealing. Address any damages or changes appropriately. Check the sturdiness of your fence, or install one if you don’t. Having a durable fence can attract guests with kids or pets. Check on any parts of the home that could be vulnerable to intruders.

red and yellow tulips in front of a white fence

Check the driveway, pavements, and garage. Remove anything that blocks the guest’s entry or could be considered a safety hazard.

Landlord Transparency

When you list your home and include an amenity, you have to ensure that what you advertise meets the expectations of the guests. Part of what the guests paid for are the amenities and facilities in the house.

When you advertise basic cooking tools or utensils, they must be present inside the home when the guests arrive. Washer should be working, and any other electrical appliances should be placed somewhere that’s accessible to the guests. While this may cause sudden maintenance expenses, it will create a welcoming and honest space for guests.

Any special instructions should be provided in the check-in instructions or should be clearly stated in the listing itself.

If you can’t use the appliances yourself as part of the routine check, you can have your cleaners do it on your behalf and ask for an update. It is best to check that the washer and dryer are working every turnover since they are being used to wash the sheets.

It is also wise to test the dishwasher and every other appliance inside the home to ensure they are working accordingly. Avoid any accidents by checking the hot and cold water system. Schedule repairs as part of the upkeep.

Drawbacks to Reactive Maintenance

Failing to follow scheduled maintenance and addressing issues in a reasonable timeline can be more expensive and can cause issues between you and your guests.

a clean and well maintained living room

When the house is non-compliant to building codes and guests find you unreliable, you may have to pay fines and have fewer bookings.

Bottom Line

Scheduling security checks and addressing any maintenance issues can help protect your guests and your investment.

The maintenance checklist might be a tall order, but it can help with gaining repeat guests and maintaining the condition of the house.

A property manager can help make sure you aren’t skipping any steps in your maintenance routine. Contact us at Bighorn Rentals today and learn about what we can do for you!

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