Tips for Vacations with Your Pets

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Are you thinking of bringing your dog on your next trip to Colorado? With property preparation and planning, taking your pets on vacation can be a very happy experience! 

As our pets get to discover new environments and interact with new people and animals, they get to develop a new part of their personalities. Additionally, having them with you when you are away from home can be quite comforting. When traveling with pets, there are several fundamental rules to follow and mistakes to avoid

Here is what you should take consider before traveling with your pets.

Get a Crate or Pet Carrier

No matter the size of your pet, if you are taking them with you on your travels, you want them to be secure. It can be stressful for your pet if they aren’t used to traveling in a pet carrier. So get your pet used to the carrier before the journey to make things go more smoothly. Allow them to settle in the carrier with their favorite food and toys.

To make sure there is enough room for the crate, you might need to fold down the third row of seats in your vehicle if you have an especially large dog. If you’re flying, you’ll need to check the airline’s regulations for securing your pets. In their crate, your pet should be able to stand, sit, lay down, and turn around. Make sure to tightly fasten it to prevent the crate from moving around during the trip.

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Keep Your Pet Well Hydrated

Pets can easily become dehydrated when traveling if they don’t have frequent access to water. When traveling, bear this in mind and give your pet additional water. If possible, attach a dish to the interior of the animal’s kennel to encourage self-regulation of water intake. 

If that is not possible, make regular stops to allow the animal to drink. Giving pets wet food rather than dry food is another technique to keep them healthy. 

Practice Traveling Long Distances with Your Pet

Many pets feel at ease traveling around town in your car because they are frequently short outings that can occasionally result in fun excursions. But long drives can be a completely different story. Practice runs are a fantastic method to make sure your trip goes off successfully. 

Take your pet on a longer ride than usual and let them sit where they normally would. You can tell how they are by how they act when they travel outside of town. It’s also vital to remember that some animals, like people, can feel car sick. Knowing this is essential before bringing your animal on a lengthy drive.

Make Consultations with a Veterinarian

Before you decide that you want to bring your pet on vacation, you should visit your veterinarian. They will provide you with advice and details on the condition of your pet’s health, and whether or not it’s best to bring them along. Make sure you obtain your veterinarian’s Certificate of Veterinary Inspection as soon as possible if you intend to travel overseas. 

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Additionally, though it’s fairly standard to have your dogs microchipped so that you can find them if they are stolen or go missing, verify with your vet that it’s working before going on vacation.

Allow for Playtime and Toilet Breaks

Regardless of the transportation you use, taking bathroom and rest breaks while traveling long distances ensures the safety of your pets. If you are driving, stop frequently so your dogs or cats can relieve themselves and then play for a little while.

If you’re taking a plane, it gets a little more challenging. Find out how you can look out for your pets and offer them these well-earned breaks by speaking with the airline staff. Again, speaking with your vet is also important to ensure that they’ll be safe on the plane for an extended period.

Opt for Pet-friendly Accommodations

When choosing lodgings for your trip, make sure to confirm that the rental is pet-friendly. Even if a business doesn’t publicize its pet policy, phone and inquire or simply clarify what you’re reading online to ensure there are no surprises when you arrive. There are many hotels and vacation rentals that provide benefits for pet owners.

Make sure Pets have the Proper Identification

While your pet should have identification at all times, it’s all the more crucial that they have it when you are traveling. Animals that are scared or confused are much more inclined to escape and flee, so you want to make sure that they can be easily identified at all times.

Dark brown dog with orange dog collar and tags

Your pet should have a chip implanted, and you should always update the information included within your vet’s office. Make sure your pet is outfitted with a collar and tag that includes your mobile number when you are traveling.

Pack Your Pet’s Favorite Toys and Treats

Don’t forget to bring your pet’s favorite toys and snacks when you prepare for a trip. If your pet is among some of their familiar belongings, they will feel more at ease and relaxed. For both of you, the trip will be less stressful as a result of this.

Additionally, it’s usually a good idea to pack a few extra items in case your pet becomes bored or restless throughout the trip.


Taking your pets on vacation can be an excellent way for you both to explore new areas and make memories. Colorado has a number of pet-friendly activities to try. But, to ensure that your pets are safe and comfortable, make sure that you employ these tips listed above. 

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