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Frisco and its surrounding areas are a great place to visit with plenty of things to do. People call the town of Frisco “Main Street of the Rockies” because its location is perfect to explore the mountains in Summit County.

The great thing about Frisco is that the city is lively and full of activities both in summer and winter. Hot springs, ski areas, hiking trails, and quaint towns are enough to fill a long holiday.

Another great way to spend your time in Frisco is to grab some coffee and go shopping. The town has many places that are perfect for retail therapy, including clothing boutiques, art shops, jewelry stores, and gift shops. In this article, you’ll find 9 great stores to check out while you’re shopping in Frisco.

#1: The Flying Crane Boutique

The Flying Crane Boutique has been a part of Frisco’s downtown shopping scene since 1998. This women’s clothing retailer specializes in contemporary clothing that is focused on comfort. 

You can find clothing items for your entire outfit there. This includes leggings, shoes, jeans, dresses, tees, jackets, and shapewear. All of the clothing on sale is high-quality and in vogue.

Another great thing about the Flying Crane Boutique is the fact that they have created their own jewelry line. Their bracelets, earrings, and other items are handmade in Frisco and featured in boutiques across the States.

#2: Frisco Thrift and Treasure

Do you consider yourself a modern treasure hunter? If finding the best items in a thrift store is your idea of fun, then Frisco Thrift and Treasure should be on your shopping list in Summit County.

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There is a wide range of used goods showcased in Frisco Thrift and Treasure, including shoes, decor, accessories, homewares, and casual mountain clothing. The prices are and they only display items of the utmost quality. 

#3: Garden of Eden Flowers & Gifts

This full-service flower shop is a true gem in Frisco for when you are in a need of a flower arrangement. They do a great job for all your wedding reception and ceremony needs. The team behind Garden of Eden Flowers & Gifts is passionate and creative and demonstrates this in each order they take. 

You can get a wide range of floral arrangements, including flower planets, bouquets, floral crowns, chair/table decorations, flower baskets, and centerpieces. No floral challenge is too great for these reliable professionals.

#4: Libby’s Old School Records

Slow down and spin some vinyl while on vacation in Frisco. Libby’s Old School Records is your one-stop-shop for vintage vinyl and stereo records. Libby’s is run by Jers, an aficionado of old school music.

This local niche shop opened in February of 2020. There is a tremendous selection of new and used vinyl records, turntables, speakers, and amps. It’s likely that this old school record store will be the vinyl hotspot of Frisco.

#5: Stork and Bear Co.

Stork and Bear is the ultimate shopping destination for children’s clothing, books, toys, shoes, boots, and socks. The store has modern and comfortable clothing for boys and girls up to age 12.

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While you’ll probably find an answer to all your kids’ clothing needs, you might also find something in their book and toy section too. These creative and fun toys together with illustrated books make for perfect gifts.

#6: Mid Mountain Modern

Do you love midcentury-style furniture and fashion? If so, then paying a visit to Mid Mountain Modern. If not, visiting here might just make you fall in love with this style. 

Mid Mountain Modern is located on the second floor of the Frisco Emporium. Here you’ll find a nice variety of art, clothing, accessories, lighting, and furniture. Plus, the owner offers interior design and fashion consulting by appointment.

#7: Antler’s Liquor and Wine Cellar

The family-owned Antler’s Liquor and Wine Cellar has been around for over three decades. When it comes to wine, beers, and spirits, it’s hard to beat his place. Antler’s has over 850 beers, 2,500 wines, and 1,700 spirits in their selection.

You can find this legendary liquor and wine shop located between Safeway and Walmart in Frisco. The people at the store are friendly and will help you with any bigger orders for large parties or festivities as well.

#8: Diane Harty Millinery

The Diane Harty Millinery is a studio located on 7th Avenue in Frisco, nearby Main Street. The secret behind her amazing hats rests in the use of an antique, cast-iron, straw-sewing machine.

Using this technology, Diane Harty creates unique hats that are sure to have the wow factor. Harty can make both outstanding cocktail hats and winter hats that will keep you nice and warm in the freezing temperatures.

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#9: Arts Alive Gallery

Arts Alive Gallery used to be a mainstay in Breckenridge. Now the gallery is open in Frisco, which allows for an extra 20 sq ft of display space. The cooperative gallery displays watercolor, acrylic, and oil paintings as well as photography, jewelry, and ceramics.

You can buy all of the artwork that is displayed in the Arts Alive Gallery. The art is bought by locals and visitors alike. It’s a stellar way to support local artists that are passionate about what they do.


Shopping in Frisco is a real delight as you are able to enjoy a variety of retail options. From small boutiques and art shops to niche stores and art spaces, you are more than likely to find something for your personal taste. If you’re looking to visit Frisco and need a place to say, be sure to check out Bighorn Rentals

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