Must-Have Amenities for your Frisco Vacation Rental

must have vacation rental amenities

The 5 Top-Requested Amenities for Vacation Rentals

Owning a vacation rental in Frisco is a great way to increase your passive income. Frisco is a tourist mountain town that provides a refreshing place for city-weary visitors to escape and relax. Many vacationers often choose to stay in a rental home while they’re visiting. 

Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that your rental is competitive with other rentals in Frisco. The amenities of your rental property are a big factor that contributes to how competitive your rental is. The better the amenities are in your rental, the more popular it is with renters!

1. Kitchen Appliances 

Having a well-supplied kitchen is important to provide guests with the option to cook and dine at home. Start with a supply of good dishware, including plates, bowls,  a variety of glasses, mugs, and silverware. Once you have that base, start filling your rental kitchen with the following:  

A coffee maker and a supply of ground coffee. 

Many people like to start their day off with a good cup of coffee. Make acquiring this easy and convenient for your guests by keeping a supply of coffee on hand in your rental, along with an easy-to-use drip coffee machine. Don’t forget the coffee filters! Your guests will certainly appreciate this in the cold winter months in Colorado. 

A toaster or toaster oven. 

Having a toaster or toaster oven in the kitchen makes cooking even more convenient for your guests. This is a great investment that your guests likely won’t think about beforehand but will certainly appreciate it once they are there. Click here to read reviews to help you pick a good one.

best vacation rental kitchen amenities

Quality cookware. 

While there are many great restaurants in Frisco, it’s important to have a good quality supply of cookware, like pots and pans, for guests who want to cook at home. If possible, choose nonstick equipment which is easier for your guests to clean.

Make sure to have a solid set of basics, such as a set of saucepans, a set of skillets, a baking-dish or casserole, and a roasting pan. Don’t forget cooking utensils, such as sharp knives, metal and silicone spatulas, whisks, slotted spoons, tongs, and kitchen shears. These will go a long way to make your guests feel more at home! 

A proper supply of sponges and dish soap. 

To encourage your guests to clean up after they use the kitchen, provide them with a good supply of liquid dishwashing soap and various sponges. If you have a dishwasher, make sure to leave instructions for how to use it and what not to put in it.

2. Bedroom Features

After a long day on the slopes or exploring Frisco, your renters are going to want a comfortable bedroom to relax and decompress in. Make sure you have the following list of items to make this experience as nice as possible for them: 

Quality bedding.

Start with a good-quality mattress and some bed linens for each bed in your rental. Pick sheets with a high thread count and make sure they’re clean and pressed when your guests arrive. Choose some fluffy pillows, taking into account that down pillows may not be the best option in case your guests have allergies. 

great bedding for vacation rentals

Sturdy clothes hangers.

No one wants to spend their vacation time ironing their clothes or worrying about wrinkles. Keep a set of sturdy clothes hangers (wooden ones are a great option) in the closet for them to organize their clothes. 

Nightstands with quality lighting and an outlet nearby. 

This is such an underrated amenity to have near your bed when you’re retiring for the night. Place nightstands closeby and preferably next to an outlet, so that your guests can charge their phones or other electronic devices. Pick nice, warm lighting so that guests can easily turn it off from the comfort of their bed.

3. Bathroom Supplies

To start, make sure your bathroom is well-stocked with the essentials, like hand soap and toilet paper. These are crucial to providing your renters with a good experience and not having them may result in bad reviews. Once you have the basics, consider keeping the following in your bathroom as well for the optimal vacation rental experience: 

A supply of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

Your guests may bring their own shower supplies, but in case they forget, it’s nice to keep some on hand in the bathroom. There are a number of toiletry suppliers you can purchase these from. Make sure that you replace these as their supply dwindles so that there is actually enough for your renters to use if they need it.

When you book a vacation rental with Bighorn Rentals, you can rest assured that they keep each rental fully stocked with these essentials. This is just one of the many perks that comes with renting from Bighorn!

Fluffy bath towels. 

Towels are often too bulky for guests to pack in their luggage when they go on vacation. Keep fresh, clean, fluffy towels of various sizes on hand in the bathroom for them to use after they get out of the shower or wash their hands. Your guests will really appreciate this!

bath supplies for rental property

A hairdryer.

During the winter in Colorado, a hairdryer is a great tool to provide your guests. While they may bring their own, often guests will forget or purposely choose not to bring such a bulky device. Having one on hand will make sure they never have to go out in the cold with wet hair.

4. Welcome items

While welcome items are not essential to the function of your rental home, they help make a good, lasting impression on your guests. It offers a warm and friendly welcome to their vacation, which can often be the difference in the reviews they give! Consider having the following: 

A gift or welcome basket. 

Prepare a welcome basket for your guests as a token of your hospitality. You can offer baked goods, snacks, wine, or teas. There’s nothing like surprise treats to delight your guests and improve their stay. 

Local maps, guidebooks, and coupons. 

Especially if your visitors are unfamiliar with Frisco, providing them with information on the local area is extremely helpful. This will make it easy for them to figure out what activities they want to check out in Frisco and to plan things like meals. Having a local’s advice can make their trip go from ‘good’ to ‘fantastic’.

5. Entertainment Options

Some entertainment amenities, like high-speed wifi or cable TV, are often expected nowadays. However, choosing to go above and beyond with entertainment options (in case your guests decide to stay in during the day or need some entertainment when they’re there) is a great way to entice more visitors. Consider including the following: 

entertainment to have in rental property

High-speed internet.

To some, high-speed wifi is a requirement, rather than a negotiable amenity. It’s in your best interest to get this setup and make sure it’s functioning properly before your guests arrive. Include easy-to-follow directions for how to connect and provide them with a number to call or text in case it’s not working. 

Cable or satellite TV.

Provide cable or satellite TV for guests when they’re at home at night or if they stay home that day. Make sure to leave instructions for how to use the TV and remote so that your guests can actually enjoy this amenity. 

Consider adding a hot tub. 

Hot tubs are an investment, but during the cold winter months, your guests will definitely appreciate this luxury. Just make sure you’re cleaning and maintaining the tub in between your guest’s visits to make sure it’s in good condition.

Having a hot tub also gives you a good reason to increase the price of your rental, which can help you make more income in the long run. 

A supply of books and games

If unexpected weather forces your guests to stay inside or ruins one of their activities, provide them with some options for things to do inside your rental. Have a supply of some interesting books and classic board games for them to enjoy. You could also get some puzzles for your guests to enjoy. 


The amenities of your Frisco vacation rental are what will set it apart from being just a “good” rental to a “great” rental. These amenities will often result in customers leaving better reviews and more bookings in the future. This is the best way to increase your passive income. 

Though there is some risk in providing valuable amenities, you can mitigate this by charging a damage deposit in your vacation rental.

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