Kid-Friendly Activities to do in Summit County, Colorado

kid friendly activities summit county co

There is an endless number of great activities to do year-round in Summit County, Colorado. It’s one of the best places to take your family for a ski trip in the winter or hiking trip in the summer. If you’re looking for the best kid-friendly activities to check out while you’re there, keep on reading.


The Frisco Adventure Park:

The Frisco Adventure Park is a great place to take kids for a day of tubing, skiing, and snowboarding. It’s a convenient place to go because you can do so many different mountain activities with your family in the winter months. Frisco Adventure Park even offers different trails to go snowshoeing, where you can explore and appreciate winter views of Summit County.


The Recreation Center in Breckenridge:

If you or your kids want to learn how to skateboard, the Recreation Center in Breckenridge is the place to visit. Even if you want to bring your kids here to watch, this is also a great activity. This Breckenridge facility also offers indoor pools to splash in, an indoor tennis court, some slides, and a handful of other awesome activities to do. It’s a great way to spend time when you’re not on the mountains.


The Silverthorne Recreation Center:

The Silverthorne Recreation Center is located in Silverthorne, just north of Breckenridge. It’s a wonderful area for children to play in. The recreation center offers many different fields and playgrounds for little kids to explore and play in. They can also have fun on the waterslides and in the kiddie splash centers.


There are also volleyball nets to use if they want to play some sports. If anyone in the family is interested in the gym, they can utilize that as well. If your kids are tired of the mountain, Silverthorne Recreation Center is the place to check out!



Who doesn’t like going ice skating in the wintertime, especially if you are with your family and friends?

This is the perfect day and/or night activity to do with your children because you can spend quality time with them. There is no better area to go ice skating then at North Pond Park.


Paint Your Own Pottery:

We all know how much children like to draw, color, and paint which is why taking your family to paint their own pottery one day would be a unique experience for everyone involved.

It’s fun to paint at home with your children but it’s a different type of activity to all sit down together and paint pottery for a day. Ready, Paint, Fire! is an art studio in Breckenridge that your whole family will appreciate whether it’s summer or winter.


Horse Sleigh Rides:

What better way to enjoy the winter than with a horse-drawn sleigh?


A horse-drawn sleigh is an activity that is a little different to do with the family and is a fun event to do in the winter. It is sure to amaze the children and create great memories for the whole family.

Check out Breckenridge Sleigh Rides the main one in the area, which was named America’s #1 Sleigh Ride! You can take some photos on the sleigh, enjoy the beautiful views, and at the end of the activity, enjoy a nice big cup of hot chocolate.


Mountain Top Children’s Museum:

Mountain Top Children’s Museum is a great place to go and let your children roam around in nature and play on the mountain. This museum hosts a kid’s night out which allows the children to play, while the parents can go out and do what they want. It’s almost like a baby sitter or daycare but one that your child will want to go to and may not want to leave. Mountain Top Children’s Museum is most definitely worth the visit.


Tumble Bubbles:

Tumble Bubbles are exactly what they sound like. Have you ever seen people tumble down a mountain in a big bubble before?

Well, if you have or have not – it’s something you should do with your family. Of course, you need to make sure your children are old enough to understand what this high-intensity activity is all about. This one may be better for children who are slightly older. Younger children may get scared.

Tumble bubbles is another outdoor activity located at Frisco Adventure Park and is basically a huge bowling ball that people go inside and use to roll down a hill. Your kids are sure to have a great time, and they’ll get the feel for what it’s like to slide and roll around in a giant bubble in the snow.


Sledding or Tobogganing at Carter Park in the winter:

Come with your own sled or toboggan to ride down the hill for free at Carter Park in Breckenridge country. Sledding is one of the best family-fun events because everyone is sure to have fun, the hills aren’t too high, and it’s free!


You will not have to worry about bathroom breaks either because there are free restrooms nearby for the public to use!


The Bottom Line

Aside from the list of activities we have outlined above, there are so many places to go hiking in nature and to take in the views in Summit County, Colorado. This place offers so many different ski resorts, snowshoe trails, hiking trails, playgrounds, and splash parks.


We are confident that your children will have so much fun that they will not want to leave Summit County.


If you would like to get more information about the area, visit our Area Info section on our website today!


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