Things to do in Silverthorne CO

best things to do in silverthorne co

Silverthorne, a town named after Judge Marshall Silverthorne, is considered the second-most populous town in Colorado. It offers a wealth of nature and adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. With impressive mountain peaks, strong rivers, undulating valleys and scenic lakes, Silverthorne is definitely one of the top travel destinations.

Whether you’re visiting this town or planning to move here, explore your way through it and be fascinated by its endless beauty.

Here are 15 activities you can enjoy:

1. Attend a concert at Lake Dillon Amphitheater.

Be entertained by a live concert at the Lake Dillon Amphitheater. The good music will fill your ears and the scenic beauty of the mountains and the reservoir will be a feast for your eyes. There are plenty of events happening during the summer, every Friday through Sunday.

2. Schedule a hike at Tenderfoot Mountain Loop.

If you love to be in nature, this is for you! Head over to Tenderfoot Mountain Loop and go on a laidback hike. You’ll be rewarded with awesome views, especially during the winter when there’s a blanket of snow covering the landscape.

free things to do in silverthorne co

3. Visit a Keystone Festival.

Keystone, located in Summit County, is known for its popular festivals. Some of its most popular include:

  • Bacon and Bourbon Festival
  • Wine & Jazz Festival
  • Keystone’s River Run Village Art Festival
  • Bluegrass and Beer Festival
  • Mountain Town Music Festival
  • Oktoberfest

Depending on your interest, you can find a festival that’s perfect for you!

4. Navigate the Blue River Bike Path.

If you’re a cyclist, you will enjoy Silverthorne’s remarkable bike paths. Go on a ride while passing by the mesmerizing Blue River. It’s breathtaking during every season, especially Spring and Fall.

5. Sample the meals at Bakers’ Brewery.

Are you craving a classic American fare? If yes, head over to Bakers’ Brewery in Silverthorne, Colorado. Serving modern meals and scrumptious baked goods, you won’t leave disappointed. The food is topnotch and the environment is comfortable. Locals flock to this restaurant for their weekend brunch. It’s nothing short of satisfying.

6. Drop by the Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks.

Avid golfers will love the Raven Golf Club as it’s supremely designed. Surrounded by verdant views and lush greens, it also features remarkable pine trees and mountain peaks to admire. The Club hosts several worthwhile events to catch and join in.

golfing in colorado

7. Explore Buffalo Mountain Trail.

If you’re an advanced, experienced or professional hiker looking for a challenge, the Buffalo Mountain Trail is for you. Renowned as one of the toughest hikes, this hike covers 5.3 miles and will likely take you 5 to 6 hours to complete.

While the climb can be steep and difficult, the views are certainly rewarding once you reach the summit.

8. Make your way to Lily Pad Lake Trail.

This is a popular trail, especially during the summer months.

While hiking this trail, you can appreciate the different types of trees, the woodlands, the streams and the ponds. You can also encounter some wildlife such as moose and beavers.

Apart from hiking, you can also engage in cross-country skiing, horseback riding and fishing.

9. Go fishing along the Blue River.

One of Silverthorne’s best fishing spots is the Blue River. This scenic fishery is tranquil and favored when it comes to fly fishing and trout fishing. It’s divided into Upper and Lower Blue River.

10. Go Shopping

There are many shopping opportunities in Silverthorne, Colorado. For instance, there are the Silverthorne outlets. Here, you can find high end and designer stores. You can also go shopping for outdoor equipment at the Mountain Sports Outlet.

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11. Go to the Dillon Farmer’s Market.

Amble your way to Dillon Farmer’s Market right by the lake’s waterfront. Here, you can find fresh produce, baked goodies and artisanal products like jewelry and pottery. On top of that, there are also activities such as yoga, live music and fun events for kids as well. These activities usually occur on Fridays from June to September.

12. Camp for free in Whiteriver National Forest.

Are you looking for some downtime spent in nature? White River National Forest is the perfect place in Silverthorne to pack your bags and camp.

Here, you can bask in this forest’ raw beauty and scenic foliage, ride horses, explore the trails or speed down the peaks with your mountain bike!

13. Explore Loveland Pass.

Loveland Pass is a fantastic mountain pass offering incredible outdoor activities for people of all ages. In the winter, you can go snowboarding and skiing. In the summer, you can go hiking!

This is a great family-friendly location that will allow you to explore the amazing outdoors and enjoy the stunning views.

14. Catch a sunrise/sunset from Sapphire Point.

The gorgeous Sapphire Point Overlook is a common backdrop for engaged and wedded couples. The blue lake, mountain peaks and lush trees landscape is a great sight to behold. Find time to watch a stunning sunrise or sunset from this vicinity. If you’re a beginner hiker, this is an accessible and easy hike for you to try.

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15. Go downhill-mountain biking at Keystone Resort.

If you’re a thrill seeker, you can feel the rush of excitement as you whip down the mountain riding your mountain bike. It’s best to experience this at Keystone Resort where the trails are perfectly divided between levels.

New riders can go on the green trails that have a lush wooded landscape.

Intermediate riders can ride on the blue trails that have a more challenging terrain. Advanced riders who want a tougher adventure can try the black trail, double black and drop zone trails. So, there you have it – 15 activities to enjoy when you visit or move to Silverthorne, Colorado. For more information, contact Bighorn Rentals.

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