Wildflower Hikes in Summit County

wildflower hikes

Hiking is one of the ways to see Colorado, and there are miles of trails to discover. Hiking through wildflower-filled meadows with vast panorama views, vivid hues, and magnificent scenery comes highly recommended. 

Thanks to the warm weather, summer brings an abundance of wildflowers to Colorado. Finding trails that lead to these flowers, accompanied by magnificent climbs and panoramic views can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

If you want to learn about the best wildflower hiking trails in the area, keep on reading!

Baldy Mountain

In the summer month, the wildflowers that blanket Baldy Mountain are fantastic and bright! The mining road is easy to follow and switch back up the mountain. Breckenridge can be seen from atop a mountain covered in wildflowers. You can see small, privately owned old mining huts along the walk too. Note that the slope grows steeper after the switchbacks. Continue to Bald Mountain’s peak or return for a more leisurely climb.

Mohawk Lakes

The trail that leads to stunning wildflowers is located to the south of Breckenridge. You can expect to see a myriad of Colorado wildflowers during the hike. Several branching trails lead back to the main route, where the majority of the wildflower blooms can be found.

During this time of year, the Spruce Creek Trail boasts gorgeous fields of wildflowers too. The hike’s scenic backdrops include rushing waterfalls, large lakes, and mountain sceneries that are hard to miss!

wildflower hiking trails

Before crossing a series of switchbacks, continue on the trail through a wooded area. Once you reach Lower Mohawk, take a moment to take in the views, but go on to Upper Mohawk because the rest of the journey is well worth it.

Lily Pad Lake

This route is among Summit County’s most popular hikes for a good reason. You can see Lake Dillon and the Blue River Valley from the pathway while you go through the dense groves of Lodgepole Pine. You’ll cross tiny creeks and be delighted by the beautiful natural landscape.

This pathway is approximately 127 feet in elevation gain and is about 1.4 miles one-way. This hike extends past Lily Pad Lake. Bicycles and automobiles are not permitted and when hiking with pets, they should always be on a leash.

Hoosier Pass

Hoosier Pass, located just south of Alma at approximately 11,500 feet, traverses the Continental Divide. The trek is almost two-miles-long. You may park at the Divide and explore the grounds densely populated with wildflowers, which includes a variety of rare species that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Hikers can expect to see about 100 species of flowers to explore and photograph during peak season.

SawMill Creek, Breckenridge

This climb is ideal for families because of its short length, low elevation gain, and accessibility to Breckenridge. The Sawmill Chairlift trail brings hikers into a shaded valley with a brook running through it. Hikers are protected from the summer sun by the towering granite walls, providing a haven for plants and wildlife, including various wildflowers.

Colorado wildflowers and hiking

From the flowing creek to the aromatic pine needles, hikers can fully embrace and enjoy nature throughout the walk. You’ll come across animal burrows and timid wildflowers along the route. In August, mushrooms are also visible.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge Ski Resort transforms into a wonderland during the summer season. The melted snow slopes are transformed into a flowery paradise. You may enjoy the exquisite blooms that grace the mountainside by riding a chairlift or hiking one of Breckenridge’s summer trails. Breckenridge Ski Resort offers guided tours through the trails, helping patrons identify the various species on the slopes. 

Cucumber Gulch

Cucumber Gulch is an easy hike that offers spectacular views of the Tenmile Range and glimpses of the wetland’s prime habitat for the endangered boreal toad. It’s located in the heart of Breckenridge Ski Resort. Wildflowers can be found throughout the area and the other species of fauna can also be viewed.

Quandary Falls / McCullough Gulch

While a stunning cascade awaits you at the journey’s end, wildflowers blossom in all their beauty along the way. As you get closer to Quandary Falls, the grade rises, and so do the wildflowers. The hike’s high elevation means that different types of wildflowers grow the higher you get. 

Summit County wildflower hikes

Gold Hill

Gold Hill Trail is conveniently accessible from Frisco and is perfect for those wishing for a quick stroll to see a beautiful array of over 50 different types of wildflowers. The trail gently rises to a meadow where calypso orchids and phlox can often be spotted, providing the Blue River valley views.

Shrine Ridge Pass Trail

Shrine Ridge Pass is a fantastic walk with breathtaking views of wildflowers. Ute Indians built the pathway, which later was utilized by settlers and silver miners. This walk has gentle gradients with spectacular wildflowers. 

The Gore Range, Uneva Peak, Copper Mountain Ski Area, Ptarmigan Hill, Ptarmigan Pass, the Sawatch Range and Mount of the Holy Cross, and the Flat Top Mountains are among the sights to be seen from this trail.

Bottom Line

If you want to embark on dazzling hikes the next time you are in Colorado, check out some of these trails. 

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