3 Waterfall Hikes Near Breckenridge

waterfall hikes include continental falls and mohawk lakes near breckenridge, CO

Do want to experience a hiking adventure like no other? Then you have to one of the many waterfall hikes in Colorado!

There’s no better feeling than going out and spending a day in nature. In Summit County, Breckenridge, there are wonderful opportunities to embrace the wonders that nature offers. You can go on hiking trails, biking, and zip-lining. The best activity though is one that doesn’t require any equipment so hiking ranks high in the list of top outdoor recreation.

Breckenridge, CO offers plenty of amazing hiking trails and it even offers ones with beautiful views of waterfalls. Just put on your reliable hiking boots and make your way to these three Breckenridge, Colorado waterfalls!

Waterfall Hikes Near Breckenridge, Colorado

McCullough Gulch

Accessibility to McCullough Gulch can be done in 2 ways. The shorter of the two trails is a 1.3-mile hike via the trailhead at County Road 852’s end on Hoosier Pass. Turn right on Blue Lakes Road (CR 850) and take a right on CR 851.

If you have more time, you can head to the new parking lot around 7 miles south of Breckenridge, CO. This can lead you to a lovely wooded trail. Using an old road, you can find McCullough Gulch. Just keep following the beautiful rocky stream. This hiking trail takes double the time so if you’re in the mood for long hikes, this is the hike to embark on!

Colorado waterfall hiking trails

Continental Falls

You can find the largest waterfall near Breckenridge in Summit County along the Mohawk Lakes Trail. Mohawk Lakes spills down three gorges with plenty of small hiking trails that allow for magnificent views of the tumbling white water and rock faces. 

Use the Spruce Creek Trailhead located around 2.4 miles south of town. If you spot the Goose Pasture Tarn, turn right to Spruce Creek Road (CR800). Keep looking for the signs to the main trailhead parking area. If you want to be closer, follow the 4wd road for 1.5 miles.

The impressive Continental Falls hike begins calmly in a picturesque wooded trail. Further in you need to climb your way to steep switchbacks alongside the waterfalls. This can be a resting stop before pushing forward to the lakes. 

When you arrive in Lower Mohawk Lake, hike to its end. There’s a trail climbing up the rock that leads to the upper lake. This upper lake area is labeled as high elevation reaching about 12,100 feet.

Hiking Breckenridge, CO

Monte Cristo Gulch

To reach the stunning Monte Cristo Gulch near Breckenridge, start at the Blue Lakes Road (CR 850) then continue straight ahead and approach Monte Cristo Creek. The striking gulch is a view to remember and starts at an elevation of 11,748 feet.

If you’re looking to extend your hike then head above the upper lake. Look out for a small waterfall that can be easily spotted along the road while driving up the Monte Cristo Gulch. Discover the Granite cliffs and feast your eyes on meadows packed with wildflowers found between the lakes once you park under the dam.

Local Tips 

Respect the Wildlife

While you hike various trails, wildlife sightings are fairly common, especially in areas with high elevations. Keep a safe distance from them. Avoid following, approaching, or startling the Colorado wildlife

Keep to the Hiking Trail

Avoid taking side trails to retain the natural environment. Creating a new route can cause erosion. It’s best to help preserve the place by adhering to the “Leave No Trace” policy.

Prepare Your Pack for the Hike

Before embarking on a hike, pack well. Keep in mind that weather conditions can change drastically. Ensure that you’ve packed sunscreen, water bottles, food, and extra layers for more protection.

Leave No Trace While Hiking

Whatever you brought with you, should come back with you. This can refer to gear and trash. If you spot trash on hiking trails, it’s also best to pick it up to preserve the beauty of the trail.

respecting colorado's wildlife in mohawk lakes during waterfall hikes

Hiking Trail Etiquette

When on a hiking trail, it’s important to follow some guidelines to foster respect for nature and other hikers. Here are things to keep in mind:

  • Right of way belongs to those hiking uphill.
  • Be polite and allow others to pass when you hike on flat ground.
  • When bringing a dog, pay attention and keep it on a leash. Be on the lookout when there are other pets, hikers, or wildlife around on the trails.
  • Be conscious of your volume to respect the silence of nature that others wish to enjoy.
  • Stay on the official hiking trails and avoid creating new pathways.

Useful Advice

  • If you have no personal transport, you can opt to carpool or ride the buses to different Breckenridge, Colorado trails.
  • Choose to hike earlier in the day to avoid the crowds.
  • Follow a hiking trails etiquette and adhere to the “leave no trace” concept by taking your trash with you. 
  • Appreciate the wildflowers near the trails by not plucking them.
  • If you’re a new hiker in Breckenridge, Colorado, you can join a class that offers guided hiking.
  • You can hire a guide to minimize getting lost on trails and for added safety.

Bottom Line

Waterfall hikes around and near Breckenridge, Colorado are a fun and inexpensive activity. Be sure to check out Continental Falls and Mohawk Lakes waterfall hikes.

Follow the practical tips listed above to ensure your safety when hiking Colorado’s beautiful trails. Spending time in nature can elevate your mood by blessing your vision with panoramic views.

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