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breckenridge zip line tours

Are you looking for a fun activity to try on your next trip to Colorado? A zip line tour can be a great way to absorb the stunning scenery around Breckenridge in the summer! In addition to this fantastic recreation, you can also go hiking, biking, and horseback riding in Colorado. 

Understanding a Zipline

A zip line requires a participant to attach a harness to a trolley system. This series of cables allows a person to travel from one end of the line to another. Ziplines can pass over canyons, through or over forests and other natural landscapes. It’s a thrilling way to view the magnificent vista from up above.

How to Prepare

Arrive at least a half-hour before your scheduled zipline tours. This gives you ample time to prepare yourself and get settled. This will also give you time to absorb instructions prior to the zip line ride.

What to Bring

You won’t need to bring your own gear. The zip line company will provide you with harnesses, gloves, and helmets. You should however bring water, sunscreen, and an extra layer of clothes in case of sudden weather changes. 

What to Wear

The best thing to wear when going on a zip line is pants or knee-length shorts. You should wear comfortable activewear. Avoid wearing loose clothing and jewelry. Your hair should also be tied back. 

Open-toed footwear is not permitted as well as hats and scarves. Ensure that your pockets are empty to avoid losing something valuable. If you need to wear shades or spectacles, a strap is needed so they won’t fall off. Finally, remember to apply sunscreen and drink lots of water if you’re zip-lining in hot weather.

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Participation Requirements

Kids are allowed to experience zipline tours as long as they reach a certain height and weight requirements. It’s important that participants are in good physical health and fit the harness. People with medical conditions are advised to consult a doctor beforehand.

Weather Conditions

Rain showers or light drizzle are unlikely to cancel a zip line ride but high winds and lightning can cause a reschedule. It’s important to bring extra clothes for layering in case the weather shifts. 

Safety Tips

Zipline tours are fun but safety is paramount. You need to follow the instructor’s directives at all times. Wear the harness properly and put on the helmet. Riding on a zipline also has its own risks but guides are present on the tour to ensure that everyone is safe. They’re trained to ensure everyone’s safety and test the equipment. 

Basic zip line skills will be demonstrated as well as additional techniques on the tour. Guides will provide instructions on the proper body positions. They will also teach you the right way to hold a harness to keep you safe and protect your hands. Finally, guides will always check your harness and helmet before you go on a zip line ride.

Zip Line Trips and Packages

Breckenridge always offers a wide range of year-round outdoor activities to offer both visitors and residents. Here are some zipline tours you can find near Breckenridge, Colorado:

Breckenridge, Colorado zip line tours

1. Clear Creek Zip Line

This is known as a towering and long-distance zip line tour in Colorado. With a high of 65’ towers, you can cross 8 separate zip lines for almost a mile of thrilling tour. This is definitely a zip line trip to remember with the longest zip line being 1,200 feet.

Prices run at $89 per adult and $79 for kids aged 12 and below. The minimum height is set at 48 inches and the minimum weight at 65 pounds. The maximum weight is 250 pounds.

2. Clear Creek Happy Hour Zip

This is another exhilarating zip line tour. You’ll soar from a height of 65’ and experience 5 exciting zip lines. Pass the Clear Creek rapids and take in a spectacular panorama. The ride starts at 5 pm and comes with a voucher for a free beer or beverage. 

Prices run at $69 per adult and $59 for kids aged 12 and below. The minimum height is set at 48 inches and the minimum weight at 65 pounds. The maximum weight is 250 pounds.

3. Mountaintop Zip Line in Buena Vista

From a breathtaking view of the Arkansas River Valley, you’ll be zipping across a 44-acre private zip line course in Buena Vista, Colorado. You get a bird’s eye view of the cliffs and trees covering the land.  

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There are 6 zip lines to ride elevating you to 3,500 feet on cable. Platforms are constructed on natural rock cliffs and giant pine trees. This is a great way to see the Collegiate Peaks mountain range that rises up over 14,000 feet. 

The tour includes meal options. The minimum age requirement for kids is 6 and the minimum weight is 40 pounds. This zip line tour lasts a half-day with prices ranging from $94 to $104 for participants aged 13+ while prices go from $79 to $89 for kids aged 6 to 12 years old.

4. Cooper Mountain Zip Lining

If you want to experience a shorter but equally exciting zip line tour head over to Copper Mountain

This two-person zip line will take you over West Lake at speeds up to 30 mph. This Zip line is only open during the summer months and participants must be between 50lb and 250lb to ride. Riders must wear closed-toe shoes and a helmet and one ride costs $15. 

The Summer Activity Day Pass for $79 includes two rides on the zip line and the Summer Activity Family Day Pass at $249 comes with eight rides. 

5. Breckenridge Snowmobiling (Zip Line Tours)

Enjoy the Continental Divide and the highest summits in Colorado during winter. A training session will start your adventure where you’ll be given the zip line equipment and instructed on safety procedures. 

A coach will lead you to the first tower where you get stunning views of the Arkansas River Valley and nearby mountains. Over a 2,000 acre, you can try 6 zip lines running 800 feet lengthwise. Feast your eyes on a variety of canyons and ancient gold mines. 

These Breckenridge zipline tours and activities are offered every day scheduled at 9:00 am 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm. You can also choose combination packages such as zip lines and snowmobile adventures.

The minimum weight is set at 60 pounds and the maximum weight is 260 pounds. There’s no minimum age requirement. They offer serval winter zip line and snowmobile options with prices depending on the package you select. 

Colorado zip line tours and trip


Breckenridge zipline tours are exciting activities that allow you to take in Colorado’s beautiful landscapes from a different vantage point. Be sure to always follow a guide’s safety instructions and enjoy the adventure. 

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