Top 9 Best Restaurants in Dillon, CO.

If you are planning a trip to Summit County, chances are you will be spending a lot of time outside. The picturesque mountain scenery is the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities, which you can participate in all year round!

All that hiking, skiing, and playing is bound to work up an appetite, and there’s no shortage of great local spots to grab a bite to eat.

Whether you’re heading to or from the Loveland Ski Area, or hiking the nearby trails, Dillon, Colorado, is a wonderfully convenient stop along the way to relax and refuel after a long day of adventure.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Dillon, CO.!

1. Nozawa Sushi & Hibachi

Offering both sushi and hibachi dining experiences, Nozawa is a special treat for anyone who stops in Dillon! Known for their incredibly fresh sushi and exquisitely ornate presentation, you can also find a variety of Asian dishes on their menu, from Thai selections to ramen.

The hibachi experience is sure to be energetic and fun, on top of being delicious. They also boast happy hour drink specials and a karaoke lounge.

If you’re looking for something different, definitely give Nozawa Sushi & Hibachi a try!

2. Lili’s Bistro

A unique experience in Dillon, Colorado, Lili’s Bistro specializes in surprising and delighting their guests with an experimental menu that includes both authentic Mexican cuisine and American breakfast classics. In addition to beautiful presentation and generous portions, Lili’s Bistro has several interesting offerings on their menu.

From beautiful blooming teas to covering your meal in 24kt gold for charity, dining at Lili’s Bistro is sure to leave you breathless.

3. Pug Ryan’s Brewing Company

If you’re looking to pair delicious craft beer and tasty pub plates, the Pug Ryan’s Brewing Company just might be the place for you. On Fridays, they offer their wheat-beer-battered fish & chips (with a beer!) for just $12.

Got a sweet tooth? They also offer a selection of desserts, including Snickers Bar Pie.

Pug Ryan’s doesn’t limit themselves to their beer, as they have a list of creative cocktails and interesting wines on offer, too. Additionally, you can grab cans and growlers of their craft brews on your way out, as they sell their beer to go!

Dillon, Colorado offers a variety of pubs and breweries

Alt text: Dillon, Colorado hosts a variety of pubs and breweries

4. Dillon Dam Brewery

For over 20 years, Dillon Dam Brewery has been a staple of Summit County. Whether it’s their award-winning craft brews or their delicious bison burgers, there’s sure to be something on their extensive menu that satisfies your cravings.

The massive pub can seat 220 people on two floors, with an extra 60 during the summer in their outdoor beer garden. Dillon Dam Brewery changes their menu with the seasons to ensure they are putting forward the best food possible.

On top of good food and Dam good beer, you can take a self-guided brewery tour or stop by to experience one of their many events!

5. Arapahoe Café

Nestled in a historic building that’s been a resident of Dillon since the 1940’s, the Arapahoe Café is a slice of the past. But don’t let that fool you! Their menu features American comfort classics, like meatloaf and mac & cheese, and some of the best barbecue ribs outside of the South.

Check out their breakfast from Friday-Sunday in the morning on your way to hit the slopes, or sneak into the pub in the basement for an amazing Happy Hour experience!

6. Last Chance Pizza Co.

An appropriately named spot for delicious pizza, Last Chance Pizza is sure to be your go-to spot before you spend a day out in the wilderness. They shred hundreds of pounds of Mozzarella cheese on the daily to make their one-of-a-kind pies!

Offering a menu with rotating nightly specials, add Last Chance to your list, especially if you’re heading to the nearby Loveland Ski Area.

Pizza is an excellent food option after a hard day of skiing

Alt text: Pizza is an excellent food option after a hard day of skiing in Summit County

7. Cala Pub & Restaurant

What’s better than a classic plate of Fish & Chips and a cold Guinness? The folks over at Cala Pub & Restaurant would tell you “Nothing!” Bringing you delicious pub favorites in a classic Celtic atmosphere, Cala Pub strives to be one of the best spots in the neighborhood. Their menu features a variety of gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options, and they even have open session nights if you fancy yourself a bit of a musician.

In classic pub style, they have amazing drink specials every night!

8. Café Profusion

Café Profusion offers some of the widest variety of delicious and satisfying Asian fusion food in Dillon. Their menu is inspired by Southeast Asia, with a fantastic selection of Thai style and Indian style curries to sample. The best part? Everything on their menu is gluten free! They also have an awesome offering of vegan dishes.

You can also order for pickup, with family-style dinner boxes with all your favorites, including Chicken Tikka Masala! As the folks at Café Profusion say themselves, “why herd cats after a day on the mountain?”

9. Chimayo Mexican Grill

Chimayo Mexican Grill opened their doors and started slinging tacos in 1998. Locally owned and operated, Chimayo is committed to delivering made-to-order meals from scratch in their kitchen, meaning everything they serve is fresh as can be! They offer gluten-free and Vegan options and are particularly focused on offering selections for sufferers of Celiac disease.

Some of their most popular menu items are made with Chimayo peppers, which are peppers that are grown in the soil of Chimayo, New Mexico (and claimed to have healing properties!). If you’re on the hunt for some seriously tasty tacos, stop in and give Chimayo a try!

Delicious tacos in Dillon, Colorado

Alt text: Delicious tacos in Dillon, Colorado

Final Thoughts

Dillon, Colorado has a ton of exciting and delicious food options that are sure to curb your cravings after a day of hiking, swimming, or skiing in beautiful Summit County.

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