Skiing in Summit County During COVID-19

Bighorn Rentals Skiing During COVID in Summit County

Life can be unpredictable. There’s no question how the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered how we functioned and visit public areas. Less people occupy buses and trains. Public gatherings are trimmed to a minimum. It’s winter season and your excitement for skiing has taken over you. Does this mean you have to give up your favorite winter activity? Not necessarily.

The good news is skiing is still allowed! However, certain guidelines are put in place to limit the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. Safety is paramount in the Summit County ski areas. It will help to be aware about the current skiing policies in ski resorts. Here are the current restrictions and regulations for skiing in the wake of COVID19:

  1. Masks and Face Coverings – these are required to wear as covering for the nose and mouth. It must be worn all the time, indoors and outdoors. No one is exempted from this rule. It’s important to wear them even in bathrooms, warming areas and lift areas.
  1. Food and Beverage – indoor dining may be limited. However, ordering food and beverage to go is still available. Outdoor seating is also allowed.
  1. Lifts and Gondolas – while queuing or riding lifts, it’s essential to wear masks and face coverings. A distance of 6 feet must be maintained. Ski parties can ride together at full capacity.
  1. Reservations and Advanced Purchase – Plan your ski trip well. A pre purchase system is implemented. This means you need to buy your lift tickets, rentals and pay for ski schools before heading to the slopes. Same-day purchase is no longer allowed for now.
  1. Transportation – Limited capacity is observed for ski shuttles.
Some trails in Summit County may not be accessible due to COVID restrictions.

Other regulations in Summit County:

  • Exposure notification system – Colorado has developed a contact tracing method by sending notifications to your phone. Visitors are encouraged to register.
  • Limited capacity shopping – only a 50% capacity is allowed inside shops so be aware that there might be a waiting period to limit shoppers inside. Also, a six feet distance from other shoppers must be maintained.
  • Limited capacity dining – only 25% capacity is allowed to dine in restaurants. Per table, a maximum of 10 people (limited to 2 households) is imposed. Take out orders and curbside dining is practiced more.
  • Limited lodging occupancy – only a maximum of 10 people (limited to 2 households) per lodging unit is allowed.
  • Alcohol restrictions – for on-site alcohol in Breckenridge, last call will be entertained until 8PM. For alcohol take-out, purchase is allowed until 10PM only.
  • A mandatory mask zone is imposed in Breckenridge. This covers the areas of Main Street, Ridge Street and Park Avenue. Everyone is expected to wear face coverings except when eating or drinking. Exceptions are made to children younger than three and those who have medical reasons.
  • Depending on Summit County’s public health instructions, all operations are subject to restrictions and closures. This covers the retail, lodging and restaurant businesses.
Social distancing and special pandemic regulations in Summit County

Visit Cancellations

Summit County is happy to receive visitors but they kindly ask visitors to refrain from continuing the trip if:

  1. A visitor has contracted COVID-19 and still maintaining the required quarantine time period
  2. A visitor is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
  3. A visitor had close contact with a person who contracted COVID-19 and still maintains the required quarantine period

As part of health and safety precautions, Summit County is committed to strictly enforcing the regulations. Local businesses are actively adhering to the protocols and cooperating by providing easy cancellation policies.

Visit Extensions

Summit County has implemented protocols when it comes to possible extension of visits. If a visitor has contracted COVID-19 while in Summit County or had a close contact with someone identified as positive for the virus, isolation is required. As part of health and safety measures, the quarantine procedure safeguards other visitors from the spread of COVID-19. Visitors are then expected to stay longer covering the cost on their own.

Summit County ski resorts have many regulations due to the COVID pandemic

6 Steps to Curbing the COVID-19 Infection

Summit County politely asks its visitors to adhere to these actions to minimize the COVID-19 risks:

  1. Maintaining 6 feet physical distance

As a preventive step, visitors are encouraged to maintain the proper 6 feet distance or more from people who are not part of their household.

  1. Washing hands frequently

As a hygienic practice, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds after public exposure minimizes the risk of virus infection. Make sure to also wash your hands prior to dining and touching your face. If you have limited access to water and soap, then have an alcohol or sanitizer on-hand. The alcohol solution is effective at 60% and above.

  1. Covering the face while in public

Summit County requires visitors from ages 3 and older to don masks. This is a regulation for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Face coverings also help when keeping your distance is difficult. Still, it’s not considered as an alternative for safe distancing from others.

  1. Cancelling the visit or staying at home when sick

It’s advisable for a visitor to stay at home and isolate from others especially household members when feeling these symptoms:

  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headache
  1. Getting tested with COVID-19 when symptoms appear

If COVID-19 symptoms manifest, it’s essential to get tested immediately. This is to limit the spread of the virus. Summit County has made the COVID-19 testing free and convenient for its visitors.

  1. Getting a flu vaccine

The flu vaccine eliminates the risk of contracting influenza. By getting a shot, you help keep the healthcare system from getting overloaded with patients. Their services will be reserved and focused for the critically ill. Like the COVID-19 test, the flu shot is convenient and comes at a free cost or small fee.

Hitting the Summit County slopes might currently require extra precautions. But following the health protocols set by the state and county keeps everyone safe from COVID-19. By being vigilant in practicing safe distancing and wearing masks, there’s no reason why skiing will be off-limits as a winter activity!

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