Which Month is Best for Summit County Skiing?

Bighorn Rentals Best Time of Year for Skiing in Summit County

Skiing is one of the most glorious outdoor activities in winter. The breathtaking views, refreshing nippy air and challenging terrains feeds your adventurous spirit. The warm hospitality after a day of skiing gives you that unparalleled cozy feeling inside the ski resorts.

An often-repeated question when talking about skiing is ‘when is the best time to ski in Summit County?’ We’ll give you the rundown per month, so you have an idea what to expect.


Ski resorts may open as early as October and are open by November, but skiing is usually limited throughout the month. If you plan to head to the slopes early, the prices are certainly lower! You can maximize the prices given by the best ski hotels and resorts. You can even gain an exclusive early season access. That said snowfall is still considered light during this month.


Skiing in December can be fun depending on the snow level. The lifts are still limited. However, the festive vibes the holidays bring build warm ski memories. The Christmas decors create a charming backdrop to your trip. In terms of crowd space, there’s also little competition in the slopes.


During January, the days are shorter. January is also considered as the coldest month for skiing. This means bundling yourself in extra layers to keep the cold from seeping. The best thing about skiing in January is the minimal crowd, especially during midweek. However, the snow can still be lighter compared to February and the months that follow.


By February, ski resorts are in full swing. The snow is thicker and deeper, and the days are longer, making skiing very exciting. The snow coverage in mountains is also more settled. Except for the President’s Day holiday, skiing in February is still considered as quiet. In contrast to January, the cold temperature in February is much more manageable.

Naturally the winter months are better for ski conditions in Summit County


In March, the days are longer making for warmer weather and sunnier days. If you prefer, you could try developing a tan then hit the slopes in March! What makes skiing attractive in this month is fewer layering is required. You don’t have to walk around in very bulky clothes. Unfortunately, March is a popular month for skiing. If you want to avoid the Spring Break crowd, head earlier. Since March sees a lot of skiers, the mountains are operating fully. Currently, the capacity is limited so deciding to ski in March may be a good idea.


Predictably, April sees a lot of ski resorts closing given the wet conditions. However, to avoid the melting snow, you can still try to schedule a skiing activity at the early part of the month. You can enjoy more discounts at this time.

May to June

Sometimes, the snow lingers and can even extend up to May and early June in higher elevations if you’re lucky. Resorts then will take advantage of this opportunity and stay operational subject to the snowfall conditions. Loveland Pass and Independence Pass are located up high making it a dependable skiing destination in May.

Higher elevations could mean good ski conditions even through June

Choosing the Right Time to Ski

  • Maximize early season deep discounts

Snowfall conditions can’t really be accurate year after year. Sometimes the heavy winter announces its presence earlier than predicted. This makes heading to the slopes earlier exciting. The opportunity of acquiring early season discounts in the best ski resorts is hard to resist. Be warned however that there’s also the risk of little snowfall making your ski trip uneventful.

As much as you’re attracted by early season ski prices, take the time to ask for more helpful information. You can get more ideas about snow conditions and trail openings.

  • Score bargains after the holiday rush

After the Christmas holidays, most people have limited funds to spend on other activities. This includes skiing. If you want a good skiing experience with a lesser crowd, book a ski resort in January and February. You also get to score cheaper prices since this isn’t considered as the peak time for skiing yet.

  • Book skiing in March

For its ideal weather, March is known as the best month to ski. It comes with plenty of snow to ski down the slopes and requires less layering, it’s always a popular month for everyone. If you want to hit the perfect weather and full snow coverage combo then skiing in March is a must!

Each month offers different ski conditions in Summit County

Colorado Ski Resorts

Now that you can picture the month-to-month skiing scenario, let’s cover the different ski resorts in and near Summit County.

  1. Breckenridge – for those who seek challenging courses and want to measure their skiing skills, Breckenridge is the perfect fit. It’s also designed for all skiers of different levels.
  1. Copper Mountain – known for being the professional ski team’s training ground, Copper Mountain attracts skiers of differing abilities.
  1. Keystone – attracting families, Keystone resort serves up magnificent views with the right amount of snowfall. Skiers looking for something scenic can head over this area.
  1. Arapahoe Basin – founded by five professional skiers, Arapahoe Basin has been a local skiing staple for over 70 years. Having undergone major terrain expansions twice, A-Basin boasts the longest season in Colorado, from October to June (weather permitting).

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