Top 5 Best Breakfast Spots in Frisco, Colorado

Top 5 Breakfast Spots in Frisco CO Bighorn Rentals

When you’re on a vacation in the mountains of Summit County, you want to start your mornings with a heaping Frisco, Colorado breakfast! Frisco is known for its delightful brunch spots, as well as some of the best restaurants in Summit County!

You can find a variety of delicious dining spots across the city, but you’ll be surprised to find options even if you are looking for lunch or vegan food. Frisco, CO is home to so many great restaurants!

Here is our list of the top 5 best breakfast places in Frisco:

Log Cabin Café

For over 55 years, the owners of Log Cabin Café have been busy filling the stomachs of diners to happy satisfaction. Enjoy the classic mouthwatering large pancakes and classic egg combos with bacon, cheese, bagels or sandwiches. You can also indulge in burgers, chili dogs, grilled sandwiches and club sandwiches. If you prefer healthy meals, you can order granola, fruits and home-style oatmeal. Now, if you fancy spicy Mexican fare, Log Cabin Café won’t disappoint with their tacos, burritos and quesadillas.

Log Cabin Café also offers outdoor seating where diners can enjoy the lovely mountain scenery. Don’t miss having your Frisco Colorado breakfast in this charming rustic cabin!

Butterhorn Bakery & Café

Located at 9,097 ft. in Frisco, Butterhorn Bakery & Café is highly rated by locals and tourists. A quintessential favorite, they’ve been around for 40 years! They serve Huevos rancheros, bagels, burritos and biscuits & gravy. They also have the staple stack of pancakes, French toast, egg sandwiches and some granolas and oatmeal for the health-conscious diners. If you like desserts and pastries, you’ll love the fresh baked goodies coming out from Butterhorn Bakery and Café.

The prices are reasonable, and the recipes are perfectly handcrafted. You can pair it with your favorite cappuccinos, lattes or mimosas!

Breakfast places in Frisco

Bread + Salt

Bread + Salt induces excitement with their classic breakfast meals of omelets, bagels, toast, and pancakes. The ingredients used are locally produced and fresh. This local and organic approach raises their food to high quality. If you’re vegan or prefer gluten-free options, Bread and Salt serves healthy vegetarian dishes as well.

Aside from the fast and friendly service of this mountainside café, they’re also dog friendly. Wishing for mountain views while brunching? Bread and Salt has got patio seats for you to enjoy the spectacular landscape!

The Breakfast Deli

If you’re in the mood for homemade breakfast burritos, head to the Breakfast Deli. They serve comfort foods like croissants, biscuit & gravy and cinnamon rolls warming your mornings. The food is tasty, fresh and the prices reasonable. A good selection of pastries is also available for you to take out. If you plan to hit the slopes, stop by for the best breakfast burritos!

The Breakfast Deli bakes their bread in-house and makes their pastries throughout the day. You can just grab a quick bite and order takeaway. The service is quick and the staff definitely friendly!

Abbey’s Coffee

Looking for Frisco breakfast restaurants and craving a hot cup of coffee? Abbey’s Coffee has been serving up deliciously roasted Silver Canyon coffee alongside treats and burritos since 1996! Located within minutes of Keystone, Breckenridge, and Copper Mountain ski resorts, Abbey’s Coffee is the perfect stop for a quick warmup before you hit the slopes during ski season.

Abbey’s Coffee is also located directly across the street from the Frisco Bay Marina, which means if you’re planning on fishing, it is the perfect place to grab your morning fuel. Abbey’s Coffee prides itself on being environmentally conscious and offers reusable mugs and travel mugs in-store, as well as using cups made from recycled material

Best brunch in Frisco CO

The Bottom Line

Whether you need a quick bite to eat before heading out for an adventure on the mountain, or you want a full-fledged brunch, dining in Frisco, CO is sure to provide plenty of opportunities for good food and great views.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, make your vacations more memorable by visiting these top breakfast spots in Frisco, Colorado.

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