Fishing Summit County Colorado: The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Frisco, CO.

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Frisco CO Bighorn Rentals

Are you looking to learn about fishing in Frisco, CO?

Fishing is a great pastime in Summit County. The area is full of inviting rivers and creeks. While these bodies of water are perfect for photography, you can also take advantage of these places by doing some fly-fishing.

When it comes to fishing in Frisco, you have quite a few spots available for your enjoyment. You can use these fishing areas regardless of being a solo fisherman or going out there with a guide.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to list the most wonderful places in the Frisco area for fly-fishing. Use this advice to plan your dream fishing trip in the beautiful wilderness of Summit County, Colorado.

Fishing Spot #1: Ten Mile Creek

This is an 8-mile creek that makes its way from Copper Mountain to Frisco. You’ll have convenient access to this creek as it follows the I-70. It’s one of the best choices in the area if you are planning a fly-fishing trip for the whole family.

The lower gradients are more difficult when it comes to catching trout. The fish get scared quickly and you likely need to have some patience to finally have some luck. Moving on to the higher gradients will quickly boost your success rate.

These are some of the fish you could expect to find in the creek:

  • Rainbow Trout
  • Snake River Fine-Spotted Cutthroat Trout
  • Brooke Trout

Since most of the fish in Ten Mile Creek are on the smaller side, you’ll have heaps of fun with children. They’ll have no problems catching small trout that take the catch in the higher-gradient sections of this creek.

Fishing Spot #2: Gore Creek

You’ll find the Core Greek running along the frontage roads and I-70. At first, you may find it questionable to fish that close to a highway. Once you are surrounded by the waters, though, you’ll instantly forget about the proximity of roads.

Accessing this creek is better with waders. You may find the access a bit inconvenient as you need to make your way through trees and underbrush. People fishing off that creek love the surroundings for exactly that reason. It can be pretty quiet due to its relative isolation.

Fishing in Summit County is a great pastime for the whole family

Fishing Spot #3: Black Lakes

The Black Lakes near Vail Pass get stocked with 2,500 pounds of rainbow trout twice a year. The two Black Lakes are filled with fish that range from 9 to 16 inches. These lakes are adjacent to I-70.

The trout stocking takes place under the 1986 agreement between the district and the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. You can take advantage of this agreement by going fishing for these large catchable trout in Black Lakes.

Fishing Spot #4: Blue River

One of the top spots for fly-fishing in the area is the Blue River. Access to this river is convenient. The starting point of the river is the Dillon Reservoir Dam, running for around 38 miles until reaching Kremmling.

A popular spot on Blue River is near the outlet stores in Silverthorne. That portion of the Blue River hosts catch-and-release waters. Since the brown trout in this river have continuous access to shrimp, they can grow quite big.

The waters are shallow in this Summit County fishing spot, so wetting your line in this river can pose a nice challenge. the river from the dam downstream to the North Silverthorne is catch-and-release, whereas, after that, you can catch a trout of at least 16 inches. You can take a maximum of two fish per day.

Be prepared when planning your Frisco fly fishing trip

Tips for Fishing in Colorado

Now it’s time to look at some of the top tips for fishing in Summit County, and the State of Colorado in general.

Choose Your Gear Wisely

The bait shops in Colorado are full of fishing gear. You’ll find a lot of variety in sporting goods stores as well. While the abundance of fishing-related products can be dizzying, you won’t need too much.

Even for $30, you can get everything you need for fishing in these waters. You just need to get a standard quality rod, reel, bait, and tackle. Everything more than that and at a higher quality is just paying for a premium experience.

Pack All the Essentials

You should have basic first-aid measures, a bug repellent, and sunscreen with you. Always make sure that you have a fishing license in areas where it’s required under Colorado law.

Find the Right Spots

If you are a beginner or have children with you, it’s better to opt for areas that have a greater chance to get a bite. For instance, any bodies of water with stocked trout have a higher-than-average success rate.

Otherwise, you may find yourself waiting for that first catch for a long time. In the most difficult of Colorado waters, fishing could easily mean that you wait for that first tug for half a day or longer.

Respect the Nature

Take good care of the environment. Make sure to have all your garbage and personal belongings with you when leaving the fishing spot. Colorado visitor numbers are on the rise and it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect our nature.

Fishing in Frisco CO offers plenty of great locations

In a Nutshell: Fishing in Frisco

The Summit County is great for fly-fishing. Many of the creeks and rivers are full of different types of trout, including rainbow and brook. Before venturing out there, make sure that you have the right equipment and all the essentials with you.

Some of the top fishing spots in Frisco and its surroundings are Blue River, Gore Creek, Ten Mile Creek, and the Black Lakes. You can also check out our post on the Frisco Marina here! Before leaving the area, make sure that you took all the garbage and personal items with you.

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