Shopping in Breckenridge

Are you thinking of a trip to Breckenridge, CO? 

Summit County is known for providing sublime outdoor activities. However, you’d be mistaken to think that the attractions end on the slopes. Some of the towns located in the area, like Breckenridge have great shopping opportunities for visitors and locals alike.

Breckenridge is only around an hour and a half’s drive west from Denver, making a weekend getaway simple. Breckenridge is a stunning destination smack in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. 

While “Breck” is well-known for its stunning views, calming atmosphere, and excellent dining opportunities, not too many people know that you a chance to enjoy top-class shopping in Breckenridge as well.

In this article, we’ll explore the high-quality retail landscape and shipping opportunities in Breckenridge. You’ll learn about the best Breckenridge shops and boutiques in this beautiful mountain town.

Best Downtown Breckenridge Shops

Rocky Mountain Underground

Breckenridge hosts a wide variety of local ski shops. But the Rocky Mountain Underground differs from other stores. This place combines a concept store, retail space, and a craft drink tavern.

During the summertime, their tavern spills out into a buzzing beer garden with live performances. The RMU is a place that is much more than a ski store. The owners want to showcase fine beer alongside the local outdoor culture of climbing, skiing, hiking, and snowboarding.

So be sure to head down to Main St., Breckenridge and go shopping at Rocky Mountain Underground.

The Glass Art Company

The Glass Art Company is located on Main St. in Breckenridge. They offer glassware, signs, awards, and highly personalized gifts. This creative powerhouse has been serving locals and visitors since 2014.

The glass art offered by The Glass Art Company can be very practical. Their creations include wall mirrors, drinking glasses, and smartphone cases. What’s more, the custom engraving services allow you to purchase gifts for every occasion.

Peak-A-Boo Toys

There’s a long list of fantastic family activities in Breckenridge that will have parents and kids alike enjoying themselves. If you want to get the kids involved in some of the Breckenridge shopping fun, check out Peak-A-Boo Toys!

This is the home for unusual and retro toys with a dash of modern favorites as well. Their top-selling items include Fisher-Price toys, Etch-a-Sketch, Monopoly, stuffed animals, puzzles, and classic school lunch boxes.

The owners wanted to create something more than a toy store. That’s why they have a lovely indoor play area, which acts as a community gathering place. Plus, there are numerous shelves devoted to dog toys, which is a big bonus for families with pets.

Be sure to stop by Main Street with your family the next time you’re shopping in Breckenridge and visit Peak-A-Boo Toys!

Ole Man Berkins

Ole Man Berkins is the only store devoted to used books in Breckenridge. The 1110 sq ft space located on Main Street is home to over 25,000 volumes, and its collection continues to grow. In fact, they make the bold claim of being the best used bookstore in all of Colorado.

Beyond books, there are many other items on sale in this Breckenridge shop, such as vintage clothing, unusual antiques, vinyl records, and cult classic DVDs & VHS. If you’re looking to pick up an unusual item from the past, Ole Man Berkins is your place. 

Belvidere & Hern

Featuring local, store-made, or fair trade products of every kind, you’ll find a wide variety of gifts to take home with you in this shop. The name “Belvidere and Hern” refers to “His and Hers” in Old West lingo.

Be sure to visit this creative store location on Main Street in Breckenridge!

Mountain Outfitters

This true Breckenridge, Colorado mountain adventure store is located on South Ridge Street. Mountain Outfitters offers friendly service and has all the winter gear you need for hitting the slopes.

You’ll not only find the perfect equipment for your needs but also receive useful advice on the best areas to enjoy Rocky Mountains in Colorado.


When it comes to shoes and clothing, Goods, located on Main Street, has one of the best selections available in Breckenridge. 

The first-rate brands featured in this shop include popular favorites like Free People, Ugg, Bench, Sorel, and Fry.

Joy of Sox

As the Christmas holiday season approaches, Joy of Sox, on Main Street, is the ultimate place to check out for stuffing your shopping bag full of unique and fun socks. 

Their sock selection includes toe-warming necessities for Breckenridge winter days and fun socks that make the perfect gag gifts for people.


Are you on the lookout for decorative items and beautiful gifts? Many of the items featured in this Breckenridge store carry the essence of local mountain life. And it’s a stellar place for ordering a flower arrangement or bouquet that will elevate any celebratory event.

Be sure to go shopping at this local Breckenridge the next time you’re in town!

Magical Scraps

The eclectic collection of unique hats, children’s clothing, and wonderful accessories showcase the artistic sense of Mary Anne Stecken. 

She’s the person behind the hand-made products at Magical Scraps. As years have gone by, she has started to stock the store with various cards, bags, paper goods, accessories, and clothing items.

Check out her fun shop located on south Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Pup’s Glide Shop

If you need to get some ski and snowboard waxing, repair, or tuning done, this is the right place for your needs. You can drop off your winter sports equipment at their location on Ski Hill Road, in Breckenridge. Usually, both overnight and same-day services are available.

Their qualified technicians have more than 30 years of experience. Practically any kind of repair and service can be carried out in their shop. The employees at Pup’s can mount anything from telemarks to snowboards.

Wandering Daisy

If you are looking for a gift shop with whimsical items, you don’t have to look any further than Wandering Daisy, located on Main Street in Breckenridge. The unique items sold here include purses, art, pottery, jewelry, and clothing.

Wandering Daisy has been open in the same location since 2006. Since the artists featured in this shop are exclusive, you can find unique items only available in Summit County that will serve as great gifts for friends and family.

Marigolds Farmhouse Funk & Junk

Marigolds is the only place in Breckenridge with a focus on vintage farmhouse style. All of their products on sale are handmade by the owner’s family or carefully selected from the top artisans. Drop by Main Street to see Marigolds Farmhouse Funk & Junk if you’d love to discover funky accessories and unique antiques.

Cowboys & Daisies

“Country chic” is the name that best describes the selection available at Cowboys & Daisies. Many of the items in this Breckenridge store have been designed by the owner Donna. You’ll have the chance to discover a nice range of children’s clothing as well.

In a Nutshell: Shopping in Breckenridge

Breckenridge is one of the most popular towns located in Summit County. It has a small population of around 5000 permanent residents, yet it’s a hotbed for tourism because of its scenic location and thrilling outdoor experience.

While it’s a superb destination for mountain adventures, you’ll find top-class shopping opportunities in Breckenridge as well. The products that can be found in these local boutiques and stores include everything from mountain gear to antiques, and anything in-between.

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