Breckenridge Coffee Shops

cool river coffee house in Breckenridge, CO

Are you looking to enjoy the best cup of java in Summit County? Some of the coziest coffee shops can be found in the region!

Breckenridge hosts multiple contenders for the title of best coffee shop. The coffee boom hit Summit County later than some other areas of the country. But now there are many great places for quality brews in Breckenridge and its surrounding towns.

Breckenridge is a small town, with a population of around 5000 permanent residents. Keeping this in mind, the number of coffee shops open can be astounding. The influx of tourists and busy local lifestyle is the main explanation behind this phenomenon.

While opening hours may be affected by the ongoing pandemic, you’ll always be able to grab a cup to go. 

In this article, we’ll list the best cafes in Breckenridge. Pick any of these cafes to get top-quality hot drinks and some tasty snacks. Some of these places offer warm meals as well. 

Here are Some of the Top Cafés to Check Out in Breckenridge

The Mugshot Café

You’ll find this gem in the Alpine Sports Rental Shop. You’ll often find locals sitting inside and enjoying some of the delicious hot coffee available in this cozy spot.

breakfast sandwiches, latte art and sweet food

The Mugshot is more than a place to grab your morning caffeine fix. The sandwiches are just incredible as well. They serve coffee made from OZO Coffee Co. beans, and offer numerous lunch items as well.

Cabin Coffee Co.

This may be a chain, but it’s definitely no Starbucks. When you walk in through the doors of their Breckenridge coffee shop, you’d be more likely to think of it as a small, independent coffee shop.

The roasting room located inside the premises fills the air with a coffee lover’s favorite aromas. Old-fashioned rocking chairs and a gas fireplace further ramp up the coziness factor. 

One factor to consider is that the prices tend to be higher in comparison to other coffee houses in Breckenridge. If you’re willing to pay a little more for cozy ambiance and beans roasted on the spot, Cabin may become your go-to.

Coffee Depot

When you’re on vacation, you want to stay in accommodations with great amenities. You also want to be able to enjoy food and beverages at the best local spots.

Located on South Main Street, Coffee Depot is a great spot for a steaming cup of joe. The prices in this café are reasonable. If you drop by before noon, you just have to try their fantastic breakfast burritos.

Breckenridge coffee shops and breakfast sandwiches and baked goods

The service is fast and friendly. In addition to the legendary burritos, you’ll have a chance to try various pastries and croissants. Coffee Depot customers have raved about the bagels as well, with the BLT Bagel being a particular favorite.

Coffee Depot has a homey atmosphere and a bit of a rustic chalet feeling, so it’s the perfect place to grab a mug of something hot before or after hitting the slopes.

Clint’s Bakery & Coffee House

Clint’s is a fantastic little spot located on the South Main Street. You’ll be greeted by friendly and efficient staff, a great cup of coffee, and a chance to order various food items on their menu.

Clint’s offers nearly thirty different styles of brews, so you’ll be able to find something to meet almost any personal preference. If you want to proceed with your day sans-caffeine, you’ll find a nice selection of specialty herbal teas as well. The snacks include cakes, brownies, croissants, toasts, and pies. Everything is fresh and tasty!

Mom’s Baking

Coffee isn’t even the top reason why both locals and visitors frequent Mom’s Baking. The food is wonderful. Some of the great options on their menu include baked oatmeal, breakfast burritos, and pastries. 

Owner Ema Landis moved to Breckenridge from Czech Republic, and brought art and recipes along with her. The prices may be a little higher, but the quality and hand-picked ingredients justify their higher-than-average price point.

If you head to Mom’s, you’ll be impressed by the array of truly decadent pastries. Beyond the sweet options, there are delicious sandwiches for lunch, too.

Cuppa Joe Cafe (Breckenridge Coffee Roasters)

Cuppa Joe Cafe may not be a big place, but it does have a wide selection of drinks available. One of the bestsellers from their food menu is the sweet potato breakfast burrito.

best coffee shops and backed goods in Breckenridge, CO

Cuppa Joe serves coffee that tends to be on the strong side, which is a big plus for many people. When it comes to specialty drinks, the oatmeal latte is a fantastic choice at Cuppa Joe. Plus, there are always food and drink options available for people with dietary restrictions.

Cool River Coffee House

Serving delicious coffee drinks is the staple of this Breckenridge establishment. You can enjoy a rich selection of specialty coffees at Cool River Coffee House. Smell fresh baked goods that are available to accompany your hot drink.

Do you feel a bit more hungry? No worries. Lunch menus and other breakfast treats are extensive, with both vegan and vegetarian options available. The freshly-made shakes provide excellent value for your money as well.

The Crown Coffee Shop

The specialty of The Crown is the outstanding selection of warm boozy beverages. They are perfect for those chilly autumn days. The Crown has a nice selection of coffee drinks, hot chocolate, and specialty teas.

Starting your day the right way is easy over at the Crown. The breakfast paninis and burritos are terrific. Since it’s right next to the river, you can enjoy their outdoor patio in the back during the summer months.

Semplice Café

Amazing coffee puts Semplice on the top of the local coffee favorites list. If you are visiting for the first time, try their Daddy Mac breakfast burrito. Vegan options are also available.

The coffee selection is great. Among other drinks, they serve americanos, cold brew, lattes, espresso, and drip coffee. The milk selection is outstanding, as Semplice has macadamia and oat milk options for dairy-free coffee.

Columbine Café

This is one of the best local spots for a hearty breakfast. Chicken, French toast, waffles, breakfast burritos, and biscuits & gravy are just some of the options available when you crave a huge breakfast.

serve coffee, warm tea and baked goods like peanut butter bars

The coffee is excellent. If you are into espresso, you’ll love their coffee shots. They experiment with different beans from time to time, constantly searching for that perfect flavor. 

Columbine is a great pick when you want to grab great coffee together with an extensive menu.

In a Nutshell: Breckenridge Coffee Shops

Breckenridge is a small town with a long list of the best coffee shops. You can choose from a wonderful variety of cafés. If you’re more interested in food than coffee, check out this helpful list of some of the town’s best restaurants. Many of the places serve great breakfast and have lunch foods available.

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