Frisco Adventure Park: Everything You Need to Know

Frisco Adventure Park Everything You Need to Know

Are you interested in visiting Frisco Adventure Park?

If you are looking for thrills and fun for the whole family, then Frisco Adventure Park is your one-stop destination for exhilarating activities. This is a year-round adventure park that offers unforgettable memories regardless of the season.

We here at Bighorn Rentals are going to cover all the main things you need to know before visiting Frisco Adventure Park. From top activities to accommodation options, we have all your questions covered in this article.

What are the top things to do at Frisco Adventure Park during the summer season?

Summer is a season full of activities at Frisco Adventure Park. There are opportunities for skating, wagon rides, biking, disc golf, and other fun activities in the open air.

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Frisco Bike Park

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There are four amenities for biking in Frisco Adventure Park: The first one is a slopestyle course that mixes a mountain biking setting with plenty of dirt jumps. You can choose between beginner, intermediate and expert terrains.

The dual slalom course is great for bike racing. This course is dotted with adrenaline-filled jumps, unexpected bumps, and S-curves that put your skills to test.

Then there is the pump track. This one is similar to a BMX track, but it’s on a smaller scale. This track helps you get further along the learning curve. You can build your bike handling skills and general fitness on that track.

The final feature of this bike park is a dirt jump facility. This is a truly challenging area of the park that allows you to practice dirt bike tricks and enjoy brief moments between the sky above and the ground below.

Frisco Skate Park

The Frisco Skate Park offers a supreme skating experience since it underwent a $600,000 remodel in 2019. The new version is almost three times bigger. There are bowl pockets, jumps, transition areas, and bumps all over the park.

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This skate park also features a brand-new climbing area for children. The boulder garden has been constructed just next to the park.

The boulder structures are extremely safe because they have been made from concrete that is reinforced with glass fiber. These boulders have varying levels of difficulty, which means suitability for kids of different ages.

The park is open from dawn to dusk throughout the summer months. It’s located next to the Frisco Adventure Park Day Lodge. The park authorities highly recommend wearing essential safety equipment whenever using the skate park.

What are the top winter activities in Frisco Adventure Park?

If you enjoy skiing and tubing in Colorado, Frisco Adventure Park is great for you.

Winter is another prime time for Frisco Adventure Park fun. There are sleigh rides, snowshoeing, tubing, and tumble bubbles. Also, you can enjoy top-class skiing in the Frisco Nordic Center.

Sleigh Rides

Sleigh rides are a popular pastime in the adventure park during the cold months. There are different types of sleigh rides available depending on how much time you have and what you want out of the experience.

The Scenic Hot Cocoa Ride takes about one hour. This ride brings you and your family to a remote part of the forest surrounding the adventure park. You’ll enjoy live music while sipping on hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps. There will be baked cookies as well!

Another option is a Dinner Sleigh Ride. This ride takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes. That wonderful sleigh ride comes with a three-course dinner and even a live music show for an extra dose of wintry entertainment.

Do you want something a little more romantic? There is the option for a 45-minute private sleigh ride. This ride takes two to four people to a secluded forest location. Hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps are served before heading back to the park.

Frisco Nordic Center

The Frisco Nordic Center is a mainstay for anyone looking to enjoy winter sports. It is only a few steps away from the main area of the adventure park, which means that you can simply walk from one to the other throughout the day.

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Frisco is a premier destination for a ski trip.

The Nordic Center has 16 miles of ski trails that are surrounded by magnificent Colorado forests. Additionally, there are around 6 miles of snowshoe trails for those who want to take a break from all of that skiing.

There are even guided snowshoe tours available. The friendly and knowledgeable guides will show you the way and share interesting stories about local history. You’ll learn all about the region’s plants, birds, and animals along the way.

Would you like to try out something completely new? You can do skijoring, which is cross-country skiing while being lead by your dog. Originally, this sport was invented in Scandinavia. Now it’s garnering attention in the States as more people try skijoring with every passing year.

A Note About Drones

It not permitted to use drones in Frisco Adventure Park. When you want to use drones in the Town of Frisco, you need to submit a 2-page application to get a photography and video permit. Drone use has special conditions and it is regulated under Frisco Town Code s. 127-52, Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Visiting the Frisco Adventure Park

Frisco Adventure Park is a year-round destination. During the summer months, you can enjoy biking, disc golf, skating, and wagon rides. There really is something for every skill level and age.

When the freezing temperatures arrive, Frisco Adventure Park and Frisco Nordic Center are full of people. Skiing, snowshoeing, skijoring, and sleigh rides are just some of the top winter activities that you can enjoy.

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