Frisco, Colorado Skiing: Making the Most of Your Trip

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Skiing is a popular winter activity. It’s considered a great way for families to bond. On top of this, it’s a sport that’s pretty easy to learn. 

Winter can be a gloomy season since people tend to stay inside more. However, skiing is a healthy way to stay active, get together, and meet people. Avid skiers can gather on the slopes and share their mutual love for the sport. 

It’s also a great way to connect with nature. You simply forget all the distractions and focus on having a good time, passing amazing winter landscapes.

Vacationing at a ski lodge can be an ideal winter season getaway!

Frisco, CO. is close to many of the Summit County ski resorts. Nearby, you have Copper Mountain, Keystone, and Breckenridge. You also have a variety of options to purchase your lift ticket to these resorts, but they all recommend purchasing in advance!

The town of Frisco, Colorado is a perfect location to plan your ski vacation. Close to a number of large ski resorts, as well as the Frisco Adventure Park, it makes an ideal destination!

Things to Bring When Skiing

Skiing requires you to get specific winter gear. It’s important to pack essentials and bring the following:

Base Layers

A ski base layer is a long-sleeve top and long johns. There are many thermal tops and bottoms best for layering that you can purchase. 

These are designed to keep you warm and comfy. The best thing about them is they don’t take up much space, as they’re made using light materials.

Ski Jacket

A ski jacket is a must to offer protection from the wind. It should also be fully waterproof to keep you warm and dry. 

Pick a ski jacket that’s not too heavy so it won’t weigh you down. Your movement should not be restricted by the bulk of the jacket.


Mittens ensure your fingers won’t get frozen, which can happen easily when spending hours skiing on the slopes. Make sure you buy a waterproof pair. 

Ski Pants

Bring at least two pairs of ski pants.

Choose a neutral color, like black, to make mixing and matching outfits easier.

Fleece Jackets

Fleece is a very versatile material. You can wear a fleece jacket to the slopes or for lounging by the fire after skiing.

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are essential ski accessories. Be sure to get a pair!

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They protect your eyes from the harsh light conditions so you can see the mountain clearly while skiing. They also shield from the elements, such as wind and snow. 

Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter limits exposure to the cold air. It wraps around your neck warmly and protects against wind and wetness from the snow while you ski.

Ski Socks

Ski socks are needed to cushion your feet while keeping them warm and dry as you navigate the slopes.

Hydration Pack

It’s important to stay hydrated while engaging in an outdoor sport like skiing. Make sure to bring a hydration pack to refuel when needed.

Ear Warmer Headband

An ear warmer headband will keep your ears and forehead warm, as they tend to be more exposed to the cold than other parts of the body when you ski.


Oftentimes, the cold can subject you to a runny nose. Having a tissue pack handy is a good idea.

Winter Boots

These are the basic shoes needed for a ski trip.

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They keep your feet warm and dry as you trudge through the snow.

Winter Hat

Similar to a headband, a winter hat will shield your ears and head from the cold wind when you ski.

Best Places to Ski

There are several places perfect for skiing in Frisco, Colorado. Because of where it’s situated in Summit County, staying in Frisco, Colorado. means you have access to many great ski hills.

Copper Mountain Resort is a great choice for those who want to avoid large crowds. It offers a comfortable and more subdued atmosphere. It’s divided into 3 peaks separating the beginner ski zones, intermediate, and advanced trails. It is famous for its spacious terrains and challenging bowls for experienced skiers. Purchase your lift ticket in advance to receive a discount at the window!

Keystone Ski Resort is another popular choice for families. It has the largest terrain in Summit County offering 3,000 skiable acres. They have exquisite family programs where you can book a private group lesson and organize free Kidtopia fun events. They also have multiple packages designed for families.

Breckenridge is another resort that’s located a mere 15 minutes from Frisco Lodge. It’s special since it has well-distributed trails for different skill levels. It offers 5 amazing peaks, 4 terrain parks, 11 bowls and the highest chairlift in North America. You have a variety of options for purchasing your lift ticket. They also house a top-notch international ski school. 

Fun Things to Check 0ut

Frisco Adventure Park

Popular for its varied tubing lanes, you’re certain to find one that matches your thrill. If you prefer a low-key ride or a more adventurous one, it can be found here. A beginner ski and ride hill are available for those who want to start slow. They also offer a scenic or dinner sleigh ride with incredible meals and exciting live music entertainment. You can purchase your lift ticket on their website.

Frisco Nordic Center

An ideal venue if you seek a high altitude for skiing and snowshoeing. It provides stunning views and multiple trails. There are also various programs you can take part in and each season, races are organized making it an exciting place to spend your winter break.

Frisco Bay Marina

Experience a fishing boat tour at Frisco Bay Marina where the Dillon Reservoir can be found. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding and fishing adventures.

snowboarding ride hill lodging

Canoe, kayak and fishing equipment rentals are all available here.

Historic Park & Museum

Learning about the history of Frisco, CO. in the Mountain West is a delightful way to spend an educational trip. Take time to explore the heritage of this amazing destination. They offer interesting lectures, guided hikes, and wonderful tours. 

Best Place to Stay 

When you’re scheduling a vacation, one of the most important things is to book a fantastic accommodation. Bighorn Rentals of Summit County has a huge presence in the town of Frisco, Colorado. They’re incredibly popular, offering several options to different lodgers. 

You can choose between a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom unit. They also have spectacular amenities like a hot tub, indoor pool, and on-site parking. Pick from a range of charming, elegant, and modern vacation rentals. 

From the Adventure Park that offers beginner skiing and a ride hill, to the many ski resorts, like Copper Mountain and Keystone,  there are so many things to see and do in Frisco, CO. that you don’t want to miss out on this amazing vacation destination!

Bighorn Rentals has plenty of locations in and around Frisco, CO. that you can select from. Whether you prefer hotel-style rooms or private homes, there’s always something special they can present to a vacationer. The best thing is booking them online since you can earn a discount.

Take a trip to Frisco and ski all the beautiful slopes of Summit County!

Call our Bighorn Rentals team at 800-826-7706 for any assistance. You can also email us at to find the best accommodations that would be suited to the dream vacation you’re planning!

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