The Top 3 Snowmobiling Trails in Summit County, Colorado

Snowmobiling Trails Summit County

Are you planning a snowmobiling adventure in Colorado?

Summit County is a great place for experiencing all that snowmobiling can offer. Located in the Colorado Rockies, Summit County is often called the Playground of Colorado.

In addition to the well-known resort town of Breckenridge, you’ll find the ski resort towns of Frisco, Silverthorne, Keystone, and Copper Mountain located in Summit County. This means that there are plenty of snowmobiling trails in the vicinity.

Different snowmobile tracks offer something for every level of experience. You can take in the scenery on an easier trail or go on an adrenaline-filled ride on an advanced track.

In this article, we’ll go over the top Summit County snowmobiling trails. You’ll get a lowdown on the various tracks to help you plan a fun vacation in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.

At the end, we will even throw in a few tips about picking a ski resort if you’re a fan of snowboarding or skiing! We’ll give you the low-down on resorts like Copper Mountain and Breckenridge, so you can find the best spot to play after your snowmobiling adventure in Summit County.

Attention! Not every trail is located in Summit County proper. All the ones listed here are at least in close proximity.

Why Pick Breckenridge for Your Snowmobile Trip?

Since Breckenridge receives an annual snowfall of 300 inches, the area is great for snowmobiling. It’s location also means you have easy access to other Summit ski resorts, like Copper Mountain.

You can access the trails from two different locations:

  • Getting to the first access point means taking County Road 35 to Forest Service Road 400 for around three miles. Then you should continue North for another two miles until you reach the parking lot.
  • The second access point is also located in the White River National Forest. Just take Highway 9 South, exit on Tiger Road, and then continue 5 miles East. You will find the parking lot on the right side of the road.

snowmobiling breckenridge co

The Breckenridge snowmobile trails in White River National Forest are regularly maintained by a local snowmobile tour establishment. These trails are frequented by their tour groups, which means that you and your team should expect some company.

Snowmobiling Near Breckenridge

#1: Blue Ridge Trail

How long is the trail? Approximately 16.4 miles

What is the elevation gain? 1,906 feet

Would you like to enjoy the views of both Summit and Grand Counties? Taking the Blue Ridge trail, also known as Williams Peak, allows you to enjoy stunning mountain views on clear days.

During the summertime, this trail is mostly frequented by 4WD aficionados. But winter sees a rise in snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling on the mountain. Always make sure to respect the local wildlife when passing through this or any other Summit County trail.

#2: Webster And Red Cone Pass Trail

How long is the trail? Approximately 17.7 miles

What is the elevation gain? 3,775 feet

This is a local Summit County favorite for snowmobile sightseeing. When you get a clear day, you should expect moderate traffic on the road. The beautiful views of evergreen trees and high altitude valleys make it a prime spot for nature photography.

You will encounter two different names for this trail. The portion north of the Webster Pass is known as Webster Pass Road. Anything South of Webster Pass goes by the name of Handcart Gulch Road.

Between May and October, this trail is primarily used for hiking and off-road driving. During the winter season, this mountain trail used for snowmobiles and cross country skiing.

copper colorado

#3: Georgia Pass Trail

How long is the trail? Approximately 24.2 miles

What is the elevation gain? 3,800 feet

Georgia Pass trail is a beautiful road through the Colorado scenery. The typical start is from Jefferson, continuing with a terminus in Breckenridge. This back trail is moderately difficult and the wooded areas offer a fun outdoors break.

While in the summer this rocky trail is popular because of the wildflowers, the winter sees a surge in popularity among snowmobile enthusiasts. You might even be able to spot some wildlife in the area.

Trail Safety Tips

Snowmobiling in Summit County is a lot of fun. These trails are popular even among first-timers from out of the state. Since you will be operating a motorized vehicle in winter conditions, it’s essential to follow the safety rules AT ALL TIMES.

Forecast and conditions.

Before heading out on the trail, check the weather forecast and the current trail conditions. The mountain trails aren’t always safe for snowmobiling. When you are doing a solo trip instead of a guided snowmobile tour, you are responsible for ensuring that all the minimum trail conditions are met for safe riding.

Proper clothing and gear.

The first thing you should do before hitting the Summit Country snowmobiling trails is get the proper clothing and safety gear. Dress in warm layers that are covered with the proper outdoor winter attire. Quilted snowsuits work the best. Goggles, gloves, and helmet are a must. Your gloves should be waterproof: otherwise, they will get soaked and cold quite quickly. Don’t forget to wear a neck gaiter as well.

keystone snowmobiling

Carry the essentials.

You should always have a first-aid kit and emergency kit on you ready for use. It’s also important to have a repair kit to ensure you can fix minor issues that may arise on the way. A sufficient repair kit contains the following items:

  • Tow rope
  • Pry bar
  • Duct tape
  • Spare belt
  • Basic tools
  • Spark plugs

Make sure that you have proper boots for snowmobiling. Some tour companies include boots and other gear in the total price. You should check this before heading out.

Do not drink and drive. You should also never overload your snowmobile because this could increase your risk of running into accidents.

Always stay on the trail. If something unexpected happens, you’ll have an easier time getting help this way.

Bonus Tips: Snowboarding in Summit County

Many of the Ski resorts in Summit County offer great snowboarding trails as well! From Copper Mountain to the Arapahoe Basin, many of the places that have awesome snowmobiling trails also feature amazing spots for the snowboarding enthusiast. Here are a few ski resorts we recommend grabbing lift tickets to for your Summit County vacation:

Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin is a pure skier and snowboarder’s mountain, but they offer something for everyone! They boast the longest season in Colorado, from October to June. For beginners, check out Molly Hogan, A-Basin’s learning hill. Arapahoe Basin offers a fun combination of easy, difficult, extreme, and freestyle terrain, so you’re sure to get your snowboarding fix, no matter what your level!

Copper Mountain

8 miles west of Frisco, Copper Mountain is renowned for its amazingly organized trails that are naturally separated by level ability, thanks to the perfect natural topography. For snowboarders, there’s plenty of parks and pipes, including a superpipe! Copper Mountain features all sorts of activities, including trails for snowmobiling, so it can definitely be your one-stop-shop for vacation. Its location makes it easy for you to spend some time at other resorts, too. Copper Mountain is sure to have something for everyone.


Not just a great option for snowmobiling, Breckenridge is also one of the best resorts to ski or snowboard! With 5 peaks and the highest chairlift in North America, there is a fantastic ski or snowboard experience waiting for you, regardless of your level. Easy access to the rest of Summit County resorts means that you can find the very best adventure to meet your needs. Breckenridge has the added bonus of being a historical town, so you get the benefit of their vibrant nightlife and extensive history.

Snowmobiling in Keystone Colorado – Conclusion

Summit County and its adjacent areas offer many great winter sports opportunities. Snowmobiling is popular here as there are many individual trails to take. One of the most common starting points is Breckenridge, as it’s close to snowmobile trailheads.

Here are some of the top trails for snowmobiling in Summit County:

  • Blue Ridge Trail
  • Webster And Red Cone Pass Trail
  • Georgia Pass Trail

Additionally, if you want to combine your snowmobiling adventures with Summit County snowboarding or skiing, check out a resort on this list:

  • Arapahoe Basin
  • Copper Mountain
  • Breckenridge

If you’re planning on staying in one of the Summit towns nearby during your winter adventure, check out Bighorn Rentals for nearby vacation rentals. Feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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