Dog Sledding Colorado: A Guide to Dog Sledding in Breckenridge

Swan River Valley dog sledding in Breckenridge, CO

A thrilling adventure awaits explorers who go on a dog sled tour! On these tours, you’ll get to experience an exciting rush, magnificent winter landscapes, and breath in the fresh mountain air. Plus you get to spend time with enthusiastic Siberian huskies working as a team!

In Breckenridge, Colorado, you can experience the intoxicating high that dog sled tours offer. If you’re thinking of trying it then head over to Breckenridge where you can go on a custom tour for 2 hours, half-day, full-day, or even several days.

Dog lovers will gain a new respect for the animals and the sport when they rake a ride with these dogs. You’ll maneuver across enthralling winter vistas and listen to the dogs hitting the snowy grounds. If you’ve always embraced skiing as a winter sport, consider trying something new and go on thrilling dog sled tours.

Breckenridge offers spectacular winter scenes for dog sledding in Colorado. This special experience provides both tranquility and excitement. It’s geared for everyone and can be an ultimate bonding activity for families and friends!

This fun activity is something to consider on your next trip to Summit County, Colorado. The following is everything you need to know about preparing for a dog sledding excursion in Breckenridge.

dog sledding and dog sled tours in Breckenridge Colorado

What to Expect

The tours are operated by Good Times Adventures using the twisty routes of the scenic Swan River Valley. You can trust the guidance of the Good Times Adventures team who will walk you through a full tutorial. You’ll be taught to handle a sled and a team of Siberian Huskies. The tour can serve a group of 6 and you can race against one another.

You’ll cover everything from dog mushing, dog sled riding, and riding in front with the guide on a sleigh. Those who love dogs can also arrive early to bond with the dogs prior to the dog sled tour!

Plan Ahead

Breckenridge, Colorado is a popular winter destination. With so many people being interested in dog sledding, it’s best to book a scheduled tour ahead to ensure your slot.

What to Wear

Two things you need to remember when engaging in a winter activity in Breckenridge is to bundle up and protect your eyes at the same time. Remember that it can feel colder once you start the tour and have the wind blowing around you.  

It’s common to wear multiple layers and protective eyewear like goggles or sunglasses for your safety. The wind can prevent you from fully enjoying the outdoor activity. Gloves, winter boots, and heavy scarves are also advisable. 

Finally, consider wearing sunglasses or tinted goggles and sunscreen to guard against sun reflections and sunburns. If you bring all these items you’ll be able to comfortably enjoy your dog sledding adventure!

wear neck warmers dog sledding in Colorado

Tips on Winter Layering in Breckenridge

Just because you need to layer your winter clothes, it doesn’t mean you have to be confined or bulky. Getting dressed and fully warmed can be achieved through layering. 

Here are tips on getting perfectly dressed for fun winter activities in Breckenridge :

Long Underwear and Base Layers

Choose base layers made of wool and polyester as they are warm and hold your body heat. They’re also form-fitting so it’s easy to wear them under your tops and ski pants.


Keeping yourself insulated from the cold is important. Sweaters, vests, light jackets, and micro hoodies are categorized as mid-layers. These items keep you warmer. If the weather turns hot, you can always remove them or open them up to welcome the cool air. 


Jackets are prime outer layers worn everywhere outdoors. They’re especially important when dog sledding to protect against blowing snow and wind.

Key Winter Pieces

Winter Jackets

As a top wardrobe layering essential, winter jackets must be water-resistant especially if you’re engaged in outdoor sports. Look for waterproof material with fabric that’s breathable. 

Another jacket design to focus on is high collars. They’ll shield you from the cold wind and provide added protection to your face. Jackets with hoods also generate more warmth and ensure your hair stays dry. 

Snow-cuffs are another feature you want to consider. They loop around your thumbs so your sleeves remain in place even as your hands hit the ground.

Siberian huskies dog sledding and sled dogs in Summit county

Snow Pants

Protecting your legs from the Breckenridge weather is vital. Check for leg vents to make it easy to adjust when the temperature rises or dips.

Winter Socks

You have to keep your body’s extremities warm when dog sledding in Breckenridge or anywhere else. Wear socks made of polyester and wool. Avoid thick cotton material. Check the labels and find the ones suitable for the activity you’ll be doing.

Winter Hat

If you want to avoid shivering on the ride, focus on insulating your head and ears from the cold. Wear a winter hat and make sure it has a fleece lining to boost warmth. 

Neck Gaiter or Balaclava

Neck warmers double up as extra protection for the nose and ears. When you pair neck warmers with other warm clothing items they provide extra wind protection. This item is also breathable and you can adjust and rotate it if the moisture starts to build up which is why it’s highly recommended to have one when dog sledding.

Warm Boots

Winter boots shelter your feet from the snowy ground. As you trudge around and explore the Breckenridge winter landscape, you’ll be glad to wear the appropriate footwear. Look for boots with warm lining, waterproof exteriors, and a good grip. 

Winter Gloves

Be sure to bring your own gloves when you go on a dog sledding tour. Winter gloves are another essential layer to safeguard your hands from the cold. You’ll be reliant on using your hands when you go on a dog sled ride so don’t forget to choose warm, water-resistant fabrics.


Now that you know what to expect and what to wear, it’s time to reserve your slot. Take part in this thrilling and fun adventure on your next vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado!

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