Summit County Fall Hiking Trails: A Guide

Summit County fall hiking trails and lake dillon region

There is no better time to be in Summit County, Colorado than in the fall season. The striking combination of reds and oranges blends well with the mild weather luring both locals and visitors alike. It is also the last time that residents get to enjoy the colorful Colorado views before the colder season sets in.  

The picturesque Summit County has miles and miles of hiking trails available. A fall hike calms the nerves and gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful foliage and snow-capped mountains while you explore the area.  

This post will provide a list of places that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with Colorado’s Summit County. 

Boreas Pass

This option is located approximately one hour from downtown Breckenridge. Before you even get to the trails, you are given a sample of the mountain views and striking fall colors. Located at a higher altitude, the Boreas pass offers stunning views of Breckenridge and the surrounding area. Don’t forget to carry your camera for this one. 

Hiking and biking options are located in the upper part of Boreas Pass. One trail that to try out is the Bakers Tank Trail. At the lower elevation, you can easily spot the aspens but as you move higher, the fir and spruce trees take over. It is best to hike this particular trail in the earlier hours of the day due to its westward bearing.

Summit County, Colorado hikes and elevation gain and trailhead

A challenging hike for outdoor lovers and enthusiasts is the Gold Dust Trail, in Summit County. It’s an estimated 10 miles one way. Ensure to have enough water and snacks while you explore this exciting yet demanding trail. You must also check out the Aspen Alley trail. With its huge grove of aspen trees, it’s one of the most beautiful fall trails in Summit County

French Gulch Trails 

The stunning trails of the French Gulch are some of the best options for Summit County hikes. Hikers get to pass through the “Golden Horseshoe”, which was regarded as a fertile mining region in Colorado. There are dozens of mines around the area had been active at one time or another. 

If you are a history lover, try going on a guided hike. You will get to learn about the origins of the French Gulch and also of the establishment of the town of Breckenridge. However, if you just want to enjoy the fall colors, you can always choose to go on an unguided hike. 

Hikers and bikers should also check out the Minnie Mine Loop. Located in the Golden Horseshoe areas, this sing-loop 1.6-mile trail offers wonderful views. This trail also connects you to other trails such as X10U8, Mineral Hill, and Reiling Dredge Trail. 

Classic hikes dense forests in summit county Colorado

An Urban Option 

Who said you have to go to any of the surrounding mountains to enjoy the soothing feel and sight of the stunning tree line? You can make your way to the lively downtown Breckenridge, Colorado, and in particular the Main Street area. 

A popular option for hikers and bikers is the Blue River Trail. As the name suggests, the trail in part runs parallel to the river. It offers stunning views of the Ten Mile Range from the comfort of the city. This trail offers hikers and biking enthusiasts a paved route that’s ideal for enjoying the fall colors in the city.  

Care for the Outdoor

Colorado is a magical place for both locals and visitors. Once you enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife of Summit County, Colorado you will want to come again and again. Have a look at the “Leave No Trace” rules and provisions that have been recommended by State authorities.

It’s only by adhering to them while you hike that we can ensure that future generations will enjoy and explore the beauty of the Summit County, Colorado trails. 

Summit County Colorado trails for hikes

The Best Time to Visit 

Locals and visitors in Summit County generally tend to come down in early to mid-September. It is during this time that the leaves start to turn to that breathtaking mix of yellow and red. The hiking trails are full at this time of year as Summit County, Colorado morphs into one stunning fall destination. If you’re looking for amazing fall hikes, this is the place to be.


Summit County, Colorado is the place to be this fall season. In addition to enjoying nature’s beauty, the region has a plethora of other activities that come highly recommended such as the Breckenridge Oktoberfest, visiting the Farmers Market in Downtown Dillon, and the Fall Fest in Frisco. 

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