What Do You Need to Know About Guitar Town at Copper Mountain, CO?

Live music concert at Guitar Town at Copper Mountain, CO

The fun part about discovering new places and vacationing somewhere you’ve never been is attending fun, local events, especially live shows! Every year, Guitar Town at Copper Mountain brings the best guitar players from all over the country to a stage under our beautiful mountains! If you play this instrument yourself or enjoy listening to it, you really can’t miss this festival. Read on to learn more about what this Copper Mountain event is and what it features. Then you can start planning your trip to a Copper Mountain resort today!

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What Is Guitar Town?

If you’re a guitar aficionado, you might already be familiar with Guitar Town, but if you’re not, here’s what this highly anticipated event is all about. It’s one of the biggest guitar festivals in the country and has earned this title over the past 15 years. It takes place every August over the course of three days, during which you can enjoy free live stage performances against the beautiful backdrop of Copper Mountain. If you’re not a local, staying in a Copper Mountain resort while attending the festival is a great choice. 

All the concerts at this Copper Mountain event are free, and so is parking! Feel free to bring your furry friend too, because the festival is pet-friendly. Note that V.I.P tickets are available if you wish to enhance your experience. These cost $159 per person and include private sidestage seating at the shows, reserved priority seating at the workshops, and a commemorative poster.


Lineup and Activities

Guitar Town’s lineup of live music is always exciting! Headlining stage performers have included Joe Robinson, Eric Johnson, Preston Reed, Scott Goldman, and Youthquake!, which features some of the most talented young guitar players in America). Remember to bring a lawn chair and a hat — it may get hot out in the field! 

On top of the amazing live performances, Guitar Town also offers a variety of free activities. Take part in evening jam sessions, take your kids to the music’s activities, and attend guitar and songwriting workshops! One of the most popular workshops is Marlene Hutchinson’s “Learn to Play Guitar in a Day.” You may have already seen her program on PBS or NBC! The best part? There’s no guitar experience needed!

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