Things to Do in Summit County


Are you invested, or planning to invest, in Summit County, Colorado real estate?

If you’re looking to purchase your next vacation rental in a fun-filled area, then look no further.

There are plenty of fun activities to partake in throughout this nature-filled region.

Nourish the explorer within you and get inspired by this list of activities you can do during both the winter and summer months in Summit County.


Winter Activities

If you love the snow, then Summit County is a perfect retreat for you with its world-renowned ski resorts. There are many exciting winter activities you can engage in:



Experience the thrill of dogsledding and marvel at the magnificent winter landscape in Summit County. Let the furry crew take you on an adventure through the fresh snow in this authentic natural setting. Alpine Tours serves Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Frisco, and Keystone resort areas.


Spas and massages

After a day of adventure, feel your stresses melt away with a meditative spa massage. There are several spa and massage centers around Summit County that will help relax both your mind and body.


Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing, also known as Nordic skiing, is a sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family and/or with friends.


There are several Nordic Centers available around Summit County.


Snow biking

Snow biking is a sport that’s steadily rising in popularity. It’s safe, fun, and a great alternative to skiing.


Ice fishing

Feeling the thrill of a catch is one of the exhilarating experiences of ice fishing. You can get your supplies at Breckenridge and indulge in this enjoyable pastime.


Sleigh rides

A cozy family activity, sleigh rides are ideal for expansive wintertime views of the spectacular Summit County. Tour packages are available in Keystone, Breckenridge, and Copper.



If you’re craving an adrenaline rush, then the thrill of snowmobiling might suit you.


High-speed movement across the exhilarating winter landscape is an adventure you’ll never forget. In Dillon, there are tours available for every level of snowmobilers.



Tune in to your inner child by tubing at Keystone, Copper, and Frisco’s Adventure Parks.



Not only is snowshoeing a great cardio workout, but it’s also a fun way to explore the trails in Summit County’s impressive winter landscape.


Ice skating

Glide over the ice in graceful circles on ice skates. This is not only a fun activity but also provides a good body workout. There’s a public ice-skating pond located in Silverthorne. Keystone, Breckenridge, and Copper also have their own skating rinks you can use (for a fee).



If there’s inclement weather or you prefer a more laidback activity, you can head to the theater. Enjoy the wonderful performances at Breckenridge Backstage Theater and Lake Dillon Theater Company. Both are highly recognized and feature a variety of interesting shows in different genres.


Summer Activities

When it’s summer in the mountains, nature becomes picturesque and outdoor activities become even more popular!


In Summit County, you’ll find amazing summer activities that take advantage of the warm sunshine. Below are some ideas on how to spend your summer in Summit County:



With nature at your doorstep, hiking a trail is synonymous to staying at Summit County. Admire the verdant vistas and scale some mountains; it will give you an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Hiking in nature also contributes to one’s physical and mental well-being. Just make sure to bring water to avoid dehydration and wear appropriate hiking shoes.


White water rafting

Churning rapids bring a stimulating adventure to mind. Experience white water rafting and get ready to feel the rush of adrenaline.



Mountain or road biking allows you to go as fast or as slow as you desire. Enjoy scenic rides along with Summit County’s stunning alpine views. Accompanied by fresh air and beautiful vistas, biking is a therapeutic and inexpensive summer sport activity.


Horseback riding

Riding a horse is a calming activity that lets you enjoy uninterrupted views along the trails. There are several ranches with tame and friendly horses that offer rides as a pleasant recreation.


Zip lining and aerial parks

A popular activity, zip lining is an all-out fun experience for everyone. Soar through striking nature vistas and enjoy a whole day adventure package.


Aerial parks will help you overcome your fear of heights by offering a safe and exciting experience!



Numerous streams dot Summit County. Maximize your fishing experience by shopping for the best fly and bait and relax to the soothing sound of a river/lake.


Scenic train tours

Aboard a 1880s steam engine, you can experience a laidback train ride. Breathe in the incredible views of the canyons, forest, and mountains.


Kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding

Make your way to Dillon and Frisco in Summit County for an incredible experience. Appreciate nature as you kayak in the quiet waters or engage in stand-up paddleboarding. This relaxing activity is perfect for solo trippers and can be enjoyed in a serene environment.


Soaking in hot springs

To ease muscle tension, take a dip into the area’s natural hot springs. Soaking in hot springs boosts blood circulation and promotes healthy skin. With over 30 hot springs around the region, you will easily find one near where you’re staying.


Rock climbing

Test your stamina by rock climbing over the numerous boulder routes. The courses vary in difficulty, so beginners are also welcomed.


Make sure to wear the proper safety gear to prevent injuries. Once at the top, you can appreciate Summit County’s unparalleled views.



Backcountry camping is an idyllic way to spend summer in the outdoors. Gorgeous views, warm weather, and reconnecting with nature are a must for any city dweller. Enjoy the tranquil environment by setting up a picnic lunch and lighting a campfire in the evening. Before departing on your camping trip, make sure you go prepared with the appropriate knowledge, equipment, and clothing.


Bottom Line

Summit County, Colorado provides endless entertainment and experiences. Rich in nature, diverse wildlife, and cultural offerings, you’ll be sure to find yourself going back again and again.


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