Best Historical Tours in Breckenridge

historical tours

Strong connections to its past make Breckenridge a haven for visitors who appreciate historic tours. To accommodate any budget, one can go on a guided historical tour around the huge historic districts accessible in Breckenridge, Colorado.

If you’re planning a trip to the area, here are some of the best tours to check out!

Breckenridge Historic and Mine Tours

Lomax Placer Mine Tour and Gold Panning

For a rich experience that lets you appreciate the mine tour, Lomax Placer Mine Tour is highly recommended. You’re taken to the Lomax Gulch where gold mining was at its height in the 1860s. While there you’ll be able to see the historic buildings around the area including the equipment and a miner’s cabin.

You can also score some interesting gold panning tips from a guide. If you find some from the session, keep it as a wonderful reminder! Bring along your children for a riveting first-hand gold panning experience. This is a delightful family bonding experience.

Washington Mine Site and Milling Exhibit

This reconstructed site at Washington Mine Site and Milling Exhibit gives you a glimpse of the miners’ hard work scouting for prized minerals. Take time to check out the different mining equipment and buildings at the site. There’s also an exhibit that displays the equipment for ore processing.

historic tours in Breckenridge

Historic Walking Tour of Breckenridge

Nothing can replace the experience of exploring Breckenridge’s historic district with a knowledgeable guide. Spend your time getting to know notable businesses and families of the past. Appreciate the ancient buildings from the simple log cabins to the grand residences. 

Give your attention to the incredible stories of adventurous souls, notable members of society, and the gold hunters populating Breckenridge for more than a decade. It will surely stoke your curiosity to find out the interesting details.

Wild West Tour

A walking tour that lasts for 90 minutes, the Wild West Tour is a great mix of the strange, historic and fantastical elements that makes it so intriguing to visitors and locals alike. Don’t miss this tour as it provides a rich and captivating background to what makes Breckenridge unique. 

Bawdy Breckenridge Tour

For the equally compelling tales of Breckenridge history, book the Bawdy Breckenridge Tour. You’ll be drawn to the incredible stories and legends of saloons peppered with tales of mysteries from the red light district. 

This tour is available for those aged above 21. Armed with Bawdy Breckenridge’s narratives and scandals in the 19th century, you’re sure to leave with an unforgettable experience.

Victorian Tour & Tea

For an elegant experience, make your way to an afternoon tea at a classic Victorian residence. Wander around the house complete with tea service and treats. This is a tour available the entire year. 

tea tours in Colorado

English Tea Tour

Another popular tour experience in Breckenridge’s downtown is an afternoon tea that’s replete with living history. Get a chance to listen in on stories and gossip of the people in the Victorian age. Have a pleasant time sipping English tea and nibbling on scones in this wonderfully preserved tea house.

Country Boy Mine Tour

This famous mine tour is labeled as the largest mine in Breckenridge. It’s a restored mining location where you’re treated to a gold panning experience. Feel free to look around this authentic gold mine and enjoy the extensive exhibits. This tour has been available for more than 2 decades and you can book it any time of the year.

Breckenridge Ghost Tours

If you’re in Breckenridge, and you love a good ghost story, there are plenty of tours to engage you. Here are some ghost tours you have to check out:

Ghostly Tales Tour

Ghostly Tales Tour has been around for more than a decade. After scheduling a Wild West Tour, you can plan this to complete the experience. The Wild West is full of ghostly stories that can activate your imagination. You’ll be provided with equipment to make your ghost hunting a more thrilling experience! 

Tombstone Tales Tour

Unique for exploring Breckenridge’s ancient cemetery, this tour is given by the guide during twilight hours. You’ll arrive at Breckenridge’s Valley Brook Cemetery where one can find elaborate gravestones that display some of the early written histories of the town. Usually, it’s booked for the summer and fall seasons.

ghost tours

Voices from the Grave Tour

Are you interested to find out more about former local residents’? If yes, book this walking tour and be regaled by hidden tales. You also get to learn more about where the old residents’ lived and their business locations while exploring the historical district. The tour begins at the original cemetery and is offered only during the summer. 

Preston Ghost Tour and Gold Mine Hike

With a rich ancient history of more than a century old, Preston awakens curiosity. An expert guide is available to take you on a 3-mile hike entertaining you with the town’s wealth of history. Note that this hiking tour is seasonal.

Strange But True Tour

A walking tour that finishes in 90 minutes, the Strange But True Tour occupies your time with tales of disappearances, kidnappings, and equally mysterious events, especially one that features the Breckenridge Navy. The bizarre stories will surely entertain you knowing that they’re based on true events packed with twists!

Bottom Line

Breckenridge is brimming with amazing history and spine-tingling ghost tours that offer enchanting and one-of-a-kind experiences to its visitors. Why wait, come and schedule a trip right now! 

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