Best Ice Cream in Frisco, Colorado

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Did you know that eating ice cream lights up the happy zone of your brain? According to a recent study, ice cream induces pleasure and happiness. No matter the season, it’s always a good idea to go for ice cream.

Here are some of the best ice cream shops in Frisco Colorado and surrounding areas:

Foote’s Rest Sweet Shoppe & Eatery

Walking in Downtown Frisco, you’re sure to notice the Foote’s Rest Sweet Shoppe & Eatery. Serving homemade ice cream and yogurt, you’ll be in awe of the variety of toppings. Good luck deciding between mint chocolate chip, blueberry, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, coffee and fudge swirls flavors.

You can also order donuts, pies and traditional candies. The waffle cones are also scrumptious and earn an all-around thumbs-up!

If you’re on a holiday in Frisco, your getaway won’t be complete until you visit Foote’s Rest Sweet Shoppe & Eatery.

Higgles Ice Cream

For some delectable artisanal ice cream, you can head over to Breckenridge to taste Higgles Ice Cream. Enjoy rich and fascinating flavors like vegan dragonfruit, lemon buttermilk and raspberry ice cream swirl, honey lavender, Colorado peach, and so much more!

For classic ice cream flavors, they do offer the traditional vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

If you love to taste new flavor combinations, Higgles Ice Cream rotates their ice cream flavors daily. Sample aspen leaves, apple cider sorbet, blueberry basil, buttered walnut, blueberry ginger and more! On top of that, the homemade waffle cones perfectly match the handcrafted ice cream flavors.

Higgles Ice Cream continues to charm ice cream enthusiasts with their creamy and tasty ice cream. It will surely keep you coming back.

Ice cream cone

Cameez Frozen Yogurt

If you’re in the mood for delectable frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream, head over to Cameez Frozen Yogurt. You can order one of their delicious crepes, an ice cream cake or help yourself to their self-serve machines. You can also choose from over 40 toppings!

Cameez ice cream cake flavors come in peanut butter cups, caramel chunks, Neapolitan, chocolate chip cookie dough, and more.

If this isn’t enough, Cameez also has their version of the popular Dairy Queen Blizzard. They call it Craze and it’s available in 4 delectable flavors: chocolate extreme, banana split, M&M and Oreo cookie.

Stir-Pan Creamery

Go for the ultimate ice cream experience in Stir-Pan Creamery. If the lines are any indication, this ice cream shop leaves customers delighted. Their rolled ice cream is soft, creamy and delicious.

Stir-Pan Creamery offers a fine selection of flavors like salted Oreo, cherry chunk and espresso, banana pudding and more. You’re free to customize as much as you want.

Stir-Pan Creamery staff exudes friendliness and the shop also displays a cool interiors making it a must visit shop. Be sure to stop by for a delicious dessert after enjoying a dinner in town.

Chocolate ice cream

I Scream Gelato

Fancy an Italian gelato? You’re in for a treat in I Scream Gelato.

I Scream Gelato sells heavenly ice cream flavors in caramel, cheesecake and coffee. Their homemade cones are equally as mouthwatering. You can also order smoothies and milkshakes.

I Scream Gelato focuses on offering Italian desserts. So if you’re craving an authentic gelato but want to avoid booking a costly flight to Italy, I Scream Gelato is the place for you!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory can certainly double as a chocolate museum. Judging by their highly popular candies and core chocolate products, you’d be thrilled to know that they also serve scrumptious ice cream.

Drop by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, their specialty lies in chocolate, caramel and fudge. Delight your senses with an ice cream treat featuring all their lovely chocolate and caramel creations.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a charming shop that stands on Main Street. Loyal patrons and tourists alike are delighted by their classic treats. So, wait no more and reward yourself with a one-of-a-kind chocolate experience!

Ice cream choices


Another ice cream shop that generates a lot of buzz is Sundae in Vail. They make their cold dessert in small batches by hand using fresh quality ingredients. Choose among their inviting and yummy ice cream cakes, signature sundaes and ice cream sandwiches!

When you’re seeking the comfort of ice cream, Sundae is an awesome dessert place to visit. You’ll love their banana split, hot fudge sundae and thrilling seasonal sundae.

The giant scoops, vegan options and customizable orders are enough to make you a regular customer. You can also sample a few flavors to help you decide amongst their great selection.

It feels good to know that Sundae also practices social responsibility. They contribute to local charity and sponsor community events. Get your sweet treats and feel good knowing you’ve contributed to a good cause!


With all these delicious options to choose from, you’ll have no trouble satisfying your sweet tooth!

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