Rock Climbing in Frisco, Colorado

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Do you want to enjoy a scenic view and build muscles in the process? Try rock climbing! This thrilling and exciting sport helps burn calories while providing you with an adventure.

If you happen to be in Frisco or you’re into rock climbing, keep reading to find the best climbing spots around Colorado whether indoors or outdoors.

Reasons to Consider Climbing:

Staying fit is a common goal for all of us, but sometimes, we limit ourselves to what’s available.

Trying sports like rock climbing can positively enhance your life and open you up to a new world. Some other reasons to try this sport are:

  • It’s easy on the pocket. You’re not required to splurge on expensive gym equipment. Moreover, you can try it indoors and join a climbing center at an affordable price
  • It motivates you to go on adventures. Rock climbing offers the opportunity for more thrills. Nothing beats the rush your get when climbing cliffs, boulders, and mountains outdoors.
  • It’s a full-body workout. Other exercises focus on building strength or flexibility solely through lifting weights and stretching. However, rock climbing targets both strength and flexibility and builds endurance, making it a complete workout.
Rock climbing wall

Indoor rock climbing

In Colorado, you’ll meet tons of people who swear by rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing is great for beginners because if you’re not too confident yet, you can rest easy knowing guides are around.

The facility allows you to practice your climbing skills while developing proper technique in a controlled setting.

Professional or seasoned climbers also get into indoor rock climbing when the weather outside doesn’t allow for safe climbing conditions.

Here are some indoor rock climbing locations around Frisco and nearby areas:

Breckenridge Recreation Center

An indoor rock climbing wall is set up to encouraging people of all ages to practice climbing. They have zones for bouldering, top-roping and climbing. Floors are padded to protect climbers from injuries resulting from accidental slips.

Breckenridge Recreation Center offers a great number of lessons and programs. If you’re new to the sport or you want your young ones to start learning how to climb, all your needs can be met here. There are climbing instructors, afterschool programs and private or team lessons available.

Epic Discovery Climbing Wall

During the summer season, you can take part in climbing the Epic Discovery Climbing Wall. Get set for new thrills as you take on the 35-foot wall. It’s both physically challenging and exciting for beginners.

Adding to its beauty is Breckenridge’s lovely natural surroundings. Try this immersive experience and develop your love for rock climbing even further.

Rock climber

Summit Climbing Gym

You can hone your climbing skills indoors at Summit Climbing Gym in Silverthorne. This is a fun venue for climbers of all ages and they have bouldering and rope climbing for you to try and master.

To maximize your experience, sign up for a membership as this is a co-op.

Note that safety is paramount in the Summit Climbing Gym therefore, new members are required to pass a skills test.  

Tips on indoor rock climbing

When climbing indoors, you should consider a few things like proper etiquette. Here are some things to keep in mind for the next time you rock climb indoors.

  • Don’t hog the wall – if there are plenty of climbers, allow others to scale a wall. Be gracious, climb and fall back to let others enjoy the different climbing lines, too.
  • Challenge yourself with new routes – leave your comfort zone and try different routes. Avoid being stuck in a tried-and-tested route. Challenge yourself to improve and learn more climbing techniques.
  • Encourage other climbers – cheer others on and share advice when asked for it. Even if it’s tempting to provide unsolicited advice, observe boundaries. That said, having a supportive community makes the climbing sport more inclusive and motivating.
  • Mind your volume – Keep your noise to a minimum. Noise and other distractions can be dangerous and disruptive to other climbers. The confined space can also increase the noise inside.

Outdoor rock climbing

In Colorado, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor rock climbing. The natural environment is perfect for this type of sport. You also have plenty of choices both in Breckenridge and Frisco.

Rock climbing in forest

Now that you know about your indoor rock climbing options, here are some outdoor rock climbing spots to consider trying out the next time you’re in Frisco, CO.:

The Royal Flush

A certified classic spot, the Royal Flush’s 500-foot face is a popular choice. This is a great fit for moderate climbers due to its level of mental and physical difficulty as well as the variations in paths. No wonder it’s a local favorite!

Not to mention, the view on top overlooking Frisco is well worth the climb.

Ten Mile Canyon

Practicing your rock climbing skills has never been more convenient than at Ten Mile Canyon. Beginners, intermediate and pro climbers can enjoy testing themselves with its multiple courses.

You can find White Cliff, Halfway Rock and Sunshine Buttress crags along Ten Mile Canyon. Keep in mind that it’s always best to be cautious for novice climbers. So opt to climb in the dome area for safety. Once you reach the top, prepare for magnificent views!

Tips on outdoor rock climbing

When climbing outdoors, you’re responsible for your own safety. It’s best to comply with safety guidelines and get more information prior to your initial outdoor climbs.

Here are some good advices to consider:

  • Prioritize safety by bringing the proper equipment – pack up the right gear, wear sturdy shoes and bring quality ropes.
  • Observe the time – it’s best to finish a climb before 2pm since late afternoon storms can strike.
  • Strengthen your knot knowledge prior to climbing – practice the double figure 8 knot to guarantee your safety.
  • Bring chalk and water – sweaty hands can be managed using chalk. Bring water to keep yourself from getting dehydrated.


With all these options available to you, why wait? Start climbing in the Frisco area today! Rock climbing is a fun way to stay active, meet new people and push your body to amazing lengths.

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