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If you’re looking for fun winter activities, you need to head to Copper Mountain in Colorado! Copper Mountain’s terrain park, Woodward Mountain Park, is designed for maximum skill building and a whole new level of fun. The park has a network of terrains that offer a fully-balanced variety of on-mountain experiences. 

The different zones allow guests to grow on their individual skills whether they are first-timers or an expert. Woodward Mountain Park is complete with a base area learning zones, large freestyle zones, and everything in between. 

As a guest, you’ll be able to choose your preferred type of terrain venue. There are three options in this regard: Learning, Experimental, and Performance. And within these venues, there are also different zones to help you learn, progress, and win. 

1. Woodward Start Park

The Woodward Start Park is a Woodward Mountain Park learning zone. This is the perfect place for newer skiers and riders. If you’re a beginner, this level will help you get the first taste of transitional park riding. 

The Start Park uses terrain-based learning, by introducing sculpted snow features, like bumps and beams. You can access Woodward Start Park at the Easy Rider lift in Center Village adjacent to the American Eagle. For those looking for a vacation rental nearby, the lift is next to Copper Junction condos!

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2. Woodward Progression Parks

After you’ve mastered the beginner steps at the Woodward Start Park, the next step to take is venturing into the Woodward Progression Parks. These offer seamless progression to intuitively guide you based on your skill and comfort level. 

Woodward Progression Parks include three phases:

  1. Progression Park One: This is for first-timers. The terrain zone has small snow features built on grade, small rollers and banked turns. 
  2. Progression Park Two: The beginner learning based terrain zone features larger snow features and rollers, as well as ride-on jib features and small mini pipes. 
  3. Progression Park Three: This is a beginner freestyle terrain learning zone. It features stop and drops that include level snow features separated by a fence. This stage allows riders to hone their skills one feature at a time. 

3. Woodward Family Cross 

The Woodward Family Cross is a low-level family race track of mellow slalom turns to take cross course features. It’s built on a gentle enough pitch to prevent excess speed. It’s designed to help riders and skiers of varying levels to enjoy an enhanced on-mountain family experience. 

The terrain features banked turns and rollers that maximize the use of natural terrain as much as possible. You can access the terrain via the Woodward Express Quad. 

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4. Red’s Backyard 

Red’s Backyard is a quick hike from Center Village, located in between the Superpipe and the American Flyer lift. Complete with trails of varying difficulty, the terrain is the latest Woodward Mountain Park Zone. 

Olympic Gold medalist Red Gerard’s backyard rail garden is the inspiration behind the design of this zone. 

5. Woodward Peace Park

Woodward Peace Park is a unique, ever-evolving terrain park that’s designed to maximize creativity, organic flow, and progression for shredders of all ages. 

The park is a collaborative partnership between POWDR, a family-owned adventure lifestyle company, and Danny Davis, a Grand Prix Winner, Dew Tour Champion, X Games Gold Medalist, and a U.S. Olympic Snowboard Athlete. 

You can access the Woodward Peace Park from the Woodward Express Quad just right of West Village. 

6. Central Park 

This is a performance zone in Woodward Mountain Park. It features medium and large-sized jumps, box, and rail features, aimed at challenging and exciting skiers and snowboarders from the intermediate to pro level. 

The zone is the largest in Copper Mountain Terrain Park, featuring a huge variety of rail and jump lines that seem to go on forever. You can access the zone from the Woodward Express Quad right out of West Village. 

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7. Pipe Dream 

Accessible from the Woodward Express Quad right out of West Village, this is a performance zone in Woodward Mountain Park Zone. It features a 13-inch intro half pipe to assist shredders in learning and honing their skills. 

8. Superpipe 

This is another performance zone in Colorado’s, Woodward Mountain Park. It’s located just above the Burning Stones Plaza and is maintained by the expert Woodward Copper Park Crew. 

The 22-foot Superpipe is home to the U.S. Grand Prix, Rev Tour, and hosted the 2020 Dew Tour. 


If you’re in Copper Mountain, CO, looking for exciting on-mountain experiences for all ages and abilities then Woodward Mountain Park has you covered. The artfully designed progression terrains will guide you through an evolutionary journey based on your goals and individual style. 

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