5 Tips for Planning a Honeymoon

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Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting life events. A lot of details need your attention and while it’s a joyful period, it can also be stressful. Following the wedding, many go on a honeymoon. Planning a honeymoon trip may sound easy but this requires a lot of effort and it’s recommended to do the honeymoon arrangements in tandem with the wedding preparation.

Though you may have taken plenty of trips as a couple, a honeymoon is entirely different. That’s why tons of preparation and budgeting are allotted to honeymoon planning. Planning in advance is the key to reducing your stress and ensuring you’ll have a great time. There are so many things to take into account prior to your trip. Below are five tips to help you plan the perfect honeymoon!

Research and Select the Best Destination

It sounds simple but it requires careful consideration to decide on the best place for you and your partner to spend your honeymoon. You and your partner have the option of going from one place to another. A lot of couples mostly end up heading to popular honeymoon destination spots but, you don’t have to follow what’s typical.

Think about where you and your partner want to go. Try to make it a relevant place to associate great memories. It’s helpful to think of shared hobbies you have with your partner and activities you wanted to try together. 

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Make sure it’s a destination where you can have an immensely fun time. Even if a honeymoon spot is famous for producing gorgeous photos, what matters is going somewhere that offers an experience you can both enjoy.

Look for Discounts that Match Your Budget

You can scout online for the best travel deals and discounts. Signing up to be notified by email alerts for discounted tours, transportation, and vacation accommodations is also a wise move to make your travel budget go a long way. 

This is because you sometimes get exclusive deals through the emails from newsletters you signed up for that otherwise wouldn’t be offered. It may require some effort on your part but you’ll be thankful later when you scored high-quality excursions for a fraction of the price.

Pre-book Accommodations and Activities

To get the best rentals and avoid an overbooked tour, schedule things in advance. An ideal time frame for planning trips would be 6 months prior to your departure date. However, depending on the honeymoon activity you’re planning, such as a safari or sailing adventure, this might require ten to twelve months of advanced planning. 

The best rooms or vacation rentals that have the best value often get booked fast so to prevent disappointment, make earlier arrangements. If you’re flying out, it’s also recommended to book early. Buying airline tickets later may end up being costly.

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Early bookings are often cheaper and save you from stress. Sometimes, you can score great last-minute deals but it’s not worth getting stressed. Attain peace of mind by checking details far ahead and booking early. The last thing you want is to miss out on exciting adventures because spaces fill up.

Design an Itinerary

In as much as you want to maximize the honeymoon trip, remember that it’s not all about you. A good start to a honeymoon requires compromise so make it a point to consider both of your wishes. What are the activities that your partner enjoys? What activities are fun for you? What is a less ideal activity for both of you?

You can meet in the middle and create an itinerary that includes both of your preferred activities. For example, if you’re looking forward to some water sports, you can plan a white-water rafting trip for a day. Then if your partner prefers the mountains, you can schedule an adventure hike to a summit on another day. This way, you’ll get both of your wants met. 

It’s also nice to try new things so that you can both create new memories together. Consider trying new cuisines or taking cooking classes. This could be a skill you bring home to share with your friends and family.

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Something to note about planning an itinerary is don’t overdo it. Having a jam-packed schedule could be exhausting. What’s more, you may end up feeling rushed. For example, if you’re enjoying a hike and want to take in the natural landscape for a little longer, but you’ve planned your schedule out down to the minute, you may find yourself cutting activities short. So make sure to schedule a time to relax and enjoy your adventures.  

Prioritize Making Memories

In the end, it’s not about the honeymoon destination. What is most important is your cherished time together. It should be a worthy and fun experience that builds newfound memories. 

You don’t actually have to splurge a lot to have a special time together. All it takes is planning and creativity. Eat out in the same restaurants where locals go to and attend local festivals. Stay in one-of-a-kind rental accommodations instead of pricey hotel rooms. And finally, make sure to capture some of the highlights and bring home souvenirs to remind you of the adventure you both shared. 

Bottom Line

The important thing is to plan your honeymoon well and in advance, especially if you intend to have multiple stops in your itinerary. Create a hassle-free honeymoon trip and book your accommodations early. 

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