Tips When You Have To Leave Your Pet When You’re On Vacation

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Once in a while, you may want or need, to de-stress and take a vacation. Although pets are good company on vacation, there are also times when you have to leave them behind. After all, not all types of getaways are suitable for them. 

As a loving pet owner, it’s normal to worry about having to leave them at home while you are away.  But if you really have to leave them behind, you need to make sure that they are well taken care of. It would create less stress on your part if you know that your pets are in good hands—safe, happy, and well-fed.

Here are a few tips that can help you relax and enjoy your trip if your pets cannot come to keep you company:

Be Mentally Prepared 

Saying goodbye to your cute little friend isn’t easy. You have to make sure that both you and your pet are mentally prepared to handle the separation. 

Separation anxiety is quite common in pets, and they all handle it differently. To be safe, you have to train your pet to handle themselves well before you leave for your vacation. At the same time, you must also condition yourself to not worry too much. 

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Start by leaving them alone for longer periods of time than you usually do days before your trip. By doing this, your pet would get used to you being gone. Meanwhile, you would also learn to trust that they will be okay and worry less as you leave them alone. This will help minimize separation anxiety for both you and your pets. 

Search For Trustworthy Pet-Sitters

Taking care of pets is a very serious responsibility. One must get along with animals and have some experience taking care of them. As a pet owner, it’s crucial to leave your pet with someone that you and your pets trust. 

If you feel uncomfortable leaving your pet with a sitter, leaving your pet at a kennel would be another good option. Kennel personnel are trained and equipped to handle your pet. However, keep in mind that this would be more expensive than hiring a sitter, so make sure you factor that into your vacation budget

Be Properly Equipped

Before you leave, you must make sure that you provide your pets with enough of their basic needs to sustain them while you are gone. Make sure to stock food, water, medicines, poop bags, pet grooming supplies, toys, and other stuff that you consider essential. 

 large dog on the floor with a bunch of toys

Keep your cupboards filled with a sufficient supply of pet food. Moreover, medicines are usually for emergencies, so it’s best that you are ready. Make sure that these are placed in a quickly accessible but safe location to make it easy for your pet sitter to access them. 

Poop bags and grooming supplies are important for hygiene. Keeping your pet clean is also a key factor for preventing illnesses. It’s also important to have toys around to keep your pets entertained while you are gone. You wouldn’t want to leave them bored while you are having all the fun! 

If you think that your pets would require other things, then it’s your responsibility as a pet owner to provide these necessities before you leave. At the end of the day, you know your pets better than anyone.

Leave Detailed Instructions on How to Care for Your Pet

It’s important that you give detailed instructions on how to take care of your fur babies, no matter who you choose to pet-sit. Make sure to be specific when giving instructions to avoid missing important details.  Create a detailed checklist and include the following: 

Pet Food

  • The brand you usually purchase
  • What your pet is allowed and not allowed to eat (specify if they are allergic to certain food or medicines)
  • Amount of food to be served per meal
  • Daily meal schedule
  • Favorite treats and how often they can receive them
dog food in the shape on little bones in a silver bowl


  • Details on what the medicine is for
  • Schedule of when to take the medicine
  • How much medicine the pet should take
  • Methods on how the pet take the medicine
  • Symptoms that indicate the medicine should be taken immediately


  • Activities that your pet enjoys 
  • Schedule for activities (Must include when and how long)


  • Places your pet can stay
  • Places your pet can’t go like the kitchen or outside without supervision 
  • Stuff your pet shouldn’t play with like shoes and socks

Emergency Contact Information

  • Your contact number
  • The veterinarian’s contact number
  • Place Clear and Important Details On Pet’s ID Tag

Ensure your pet has an ID tag filled in with the complete necessary information about your pet. This is in case your pet gets lost or tries to run away from home. If your pet is fortunate enough to have someone spot them, their ID tag would help them find their way back home safely. 

If you want to be extra safe and careful, try using those ID tags with QR codes or URLs. With this, information becomes more detailed and easily updated because it’s online. 

Keep In Touch With Your Pets

Even though you may be having the time of your life during your vacation, don’t forget to make time to contact your pets back at home. Simply hearing your voice and seeing you over FaceTime would give them a sense of comfort. They would feel less alone and happier knowing that you still care for them even though you are away. 

person sitting on an orange couch FaceTiming their pet

This is also a great way to check on the status of your pets. You’ll be updated about what they did for the day. Making sure that your pets are safe, healthy, and in good hands would help lessen your worries. 

Bottom Line

Leaving your pets while you’re on vacation does not mean you are forgetting about them. Make sure that they receive the love and care that they need, even while you are away, by following these tips. 

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