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Once the snow has melted in Summit County and summer arrives, there’s nothing more relaxing than going on leisurely boat rides. This outdoor activity is open to both solo explorers and groups making it an ideal escape from the routine of life.

Frisco and surrounding areas offer plenty of options for those looking to spend a relaxing day on the water

Ways to Enjoy Boating

Going boating introduces you to a variety of water activities such as:

  1. Fishing – When boating, be sure to grab some fishing gear and enjoy the relaxing pastime of catching fish.
  2. Water skiing – This is a fun way to keep your body fit and experience a thrill. 
  3. Wakeboarding – Experience the adrenaline rush of using a wakeboard as you ride the waters behind your boat.
  4. Stand-up paddleboarding – Combining an easy workout with the serenity of the still waters and lovely views makes paddleboarding the perfect outdoor activity.
  5. Kayaking – An easy activity made for solo adventurers or duos. Kayaking remains one of the most popular water activities because it appeals to all ages and skill levels.

Frisco and surrounding areas offer plenty of affordable boat rental options, marinas, and tours to choose from. Some of these include: 

Frisco Bay Marina

Maximize your water adventure in Lake Dillon by renting boats in Frisco Bay Marina. You’ll have your choice of canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, sailboats, powerboats, pedal boats, and fishing boats. They also rent out fishing poles. 

Frisco, CO Frisco Bay Marina fishing

Frisco Bay Marina also offers tons of guided tours and lessons in sailing, paddle boarding, fishing, and kayaking. What’s more, if you forget any essentials for your trip, they have a shop to purchase last-minute accessories and clothing. 

Another thing that Frisco Bay Marina provides dining options so you can spend the whole day on the water. There’s something for everyone when you visit the Frisco Bay Marina!

Dillon Marina

Dillon Marina provides boat rentals, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, sailing lessons, lakeside dining, and boat tours. They’re a full-service marina guaranteeing hours of fun on Lake Dillon. They also host exciting weekend sailing regattas and other fun boating events.

Whatever adventure you’re craving, you can trust Dillon Marina to deliver scenic tours, lake exploration, and fishing excursions. 

Adventure Paddle Tours

This award-winning company offers guided kayak tours and stand-up paddleboard lessons. They’re fully certified and trained to help you navigate the waters safely. Whether you plan for a short family bonding activity or an overnight getaway, they can arrange it for you.

Adventure Paddle Tours uses quality kayaks to take you on an unforgettable experience. Their professional guides take safety very seriously and are all trained to provide rescue and first aid. For tours, you can select among a sunset tour, island tour, or family tour and everything can be booked online through their website.

Kayaking in Frisco, CO

Kinds of Boats to Rent

With all these options to choose from, it can be confusing trying to decide which kind of boat to rent. Here’s some information to help you know which boat best suits your needs:

Bay boat

Bay boats can range from 17-25 feet long and can seat 8 passengers. It’s designed for fishing in more challenging fishing spots around shallow areas.

Multi-hull powerboat

The standard size for multi-hull powerboats is 16-30 feet long and seats a maximum of 8 people. It’s also known as “power catamarans.” This boat is fuel-efficient and has more cabin space. It’s easy to maneuver and control and has more stability compared to other boats.

Pontoon boat

A pontoon boat measures 16-30 feet long and can carry around 15 passengers. It’s perfect for both a relaxing boat ride or a thrilling water activity.


Sailboats can range in size however if you’re exploring a lake, a smaller sailboat, termed as a dinghy that seats 5-8 people, is recommended. This smaller option is often used for sailing lessons as well and it typically measures 8-15 feet.

Sailing in Frisco, Colorado

All-purpose fishing boat

This type of boat measures 15-20 feet and can carry 5 passengers. It’s versatile as it can accommodate fishing trips and a variety of other water activities.

Rental Fees

The rental fees for boats in the area are reasonable. Fuel cost is normally included in the rental price. Rental rates tend to be slightly higher from Friday to Sunday. You can also hire a captain to man the boat for you. 

It should be noted that boats that are returned late can be charged an additional late fee and check cancellation policies to ensure no penalty charges will be incurred.

Bottom Line

When you’re in Frisco, summer is meant to be enjoyed outside. So head out to the lake and indulge in water sports or tours. When you go boating you’ll enjoy hours of fun in nature. Release your stress on the open waters, take in the views, all while staying safe!

If you’re looking for vacation rentals contact Bighorn Rentals today for more information! 

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