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Summit County is often praised for its magnificent mountain peaks and amazing hiking trails. Colorado also offers residents and tourists stunning lakes that are perfect for sailing, fishing, and other water activities, especially during summer. 

Visitors can experience tranquility as they Gaze out upon the clear lakes where mountain peaks are reflected. Alpine lakes and reservoirs are laid-back spaces where one can dip into refreshing waters and observe the wildlife.

If you’re planning to explore Summit County, here’s a list of gorgeous lakes to start your adventure in Colorado:

Best Lakes for Fishing in Summit County

Upper Mohawk Lake

The popularity of Lower Mohawk Lake in Summit County is expected as it provides people who love to fish a perfect spot. It can be reached through Spruce Creek Trail located near the south part of Breckenridge. 

Above the Continental Falls, you’ll find the gorgeous shallow pool of Lower Mohawk Lake. It sits with a great view of the towering peak of Mt. Helen. For those who indulge in serious fishing though, Upper Mohawk Lake or simply Mohawk Lake is where you should station yourself.

Upper Mohawk Lake is significantly deeper than its Lower Mohawk counterpart. Fishes naturally prefer to swim in its depths. You’re sure to land an incredible catch given the wide abundance of its waters. 

Remember that before heading out to fish, it’s best to look up the weather report to ensure safe and enjoyable fishing conditions. What’s more, be sure to have your fishing license ready at all times. 

Best fishing spots in Summit County

Chihuahua Lake

Another captivating fishing spot accessible via Peru Creek Road is Chihuahua Lake. It’s not as easy to find as Mohawk Lake but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. The lake is breathtaking and the hike towards it is challenging but remarkable. You’ll pass through rocky terrains and deep water crossings. You’ll also need to navigate a steep climb before reaching the deep turquoise pool of water.

Chihuahua Lake hugs the foot of Grizzly Peak resulting in a mesmerizing view. When you arrive at the top, you’ll appreciate the stunning vistas below the lake.

Lower Crystal Lake

Following the Spruce Creek trailhead, you can go on a day trip and find Lower Crystal Lake. It’s labeled as a difficult, 7.4 km trail near Breckenridge. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of eye-catching wildflowers making it a perfect route for nature hikers and bird watchers. It’s best to head to Lower Crystal Lake from April to June.

If you like to fish then Lower Crystal Lake also offers a range of trouts from cutthroats, to brooks and rainbows. The chances of a good catch are high here even if you’re fly fishing. So put your fishing rods to good use and head out to this fantastic spot.

Lost Lake

What makes Lost Lake a great spot is its accessibility and simple route. With only a hike of 5 miles in the Gore Range Trail, you can easily arrive in Lost Lake through Copper Mountain. 

hikes to lakes in Colorado

You’ll be greeted by the stunning view of the Tenmile Range. The hike, heading to Lost Lake, is suitable for all skill levels. You can even let your dog come along provided that it’s on a leash. 

Trouts are the common catch here if you plan to do some fishing. The most common types you’ll find will be the brook and cutthroat trout.

Best Lakes for Hiking in Summit County

Rainbow Lakes

For those whose goal is going on amazing hikes in Colorado, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Rainbow Lake. It’s family-friendly given its distance of just 1.5 miles starting from the main street of Frisco. The terrain is mostly flat with stunning aspen views. Plenty of hikers love to trek to Rainbow Lake.

Another great feature here is the spacious area near the edge of the lake where you can plan picnics. Since the trail is short, you can head out any time. It’s best to go in summer to spot gorgeous flowers along the trail.

Boulder Lake

Passing through Rock Creek and Gore Range, Boulder Lake is 5.7 miles from the spectacular hike. With lovely subalpine forest views, it’s highly recommended for those with a passion for photography. Huge meadows and some wildlife await hikers. Be prepared for marshy terrain along Boulder Lake.

Note that you’ll pass a large stream with a bridge crossing. Once you reach Boulder Lake, you can turn back or continue on but some paths are undefined.

Hiking in Summit County, CO

Pacific Tarn

Standing at a height of 13,400 the magnificent Pacific Tarn in Breckenridge is a sight for sore eyes. Pacific Tarn has a stunning vista reflecting the Tenmile Range view. 

If you appreciate incredible hiking views then Pacific Tarn rewards its hikers with an alpine landscape. What’s more, this isn’t a crowded space so you can really immerse yourself in the natural soundscapes. 

It should be noted that some parts of the hike are steep with loose rock so you’ll need to be careful. Pacific Tarn provides hikers with a picturesque lake at the end. 

Best Lake for Boating in Summit County

Dillon Reservoir

If boating is more your speed then Dillon Reservoir right place for you. You can plan to kayak, canoe, paddleboard, or sail around the 3,300 acres of Lake Dillon. If you plan on coming during the summer, check out the Dillon Open Regatta. It’s a popular international event inviting all sailors to join. 

For a fun, full-day activity, sailing enthusiasts can head to Dillon and Frisco Bay marinas to book sailboats and powerboats for some water adventure. You can also schedule a boat tour with your family and friends for a relaxing trip.

Bottom Line

Whatever your goal, be it sailing, hiking, or fishing, Colorado truly offers exquisite lakes that provide you with tranquil and adventurous recreations. Come and explore the natural mesmerizing lakes in Summit County!

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