Summit County Parks

summit county parks

Summit County, Colorado parks offer tranquil spots to residents and visitors alike. They can provide refuge and allow people a breather from the stresses of living in a city. Active people also enjoy Summit County parks as recreational venues to bring their kids to play, gather with friends for a ball game or hike some trails.

Summit County’s beautiful local parks are sprinkled throughout the area for you to explore. Here’s a list of Colorado parks that reward you with fantastic views in each Summit County, Colorado town:


Walter Byron Park

Yoga enthusiasts frequent Walter Byron Park given its expansive greenery. This is also a great spot for a picnic. What’s more, fishing aficionados can head to Tenmile Creek to land the fresh catch of the day.

Frisco Adventure Park

For those craving an adrenaline rush, Frisco Adventure Park offers a variety of exciting options. Visitors in Summit County can ride bikes, practice their skating skills, swing their golf clubs, and hike a trail or two.

Frisco Historic Park & Museum

If you’re looking for more serene spots in Summit County, Colorado, the Frisco Historic Park & Museum is a good fit. Situated right on Main Street, you can immerse yourself in the town’s wealth of heritage. 

Take yourself on a solo walking tour, listen in on a history lecture and explore the vintage cabins that have been wonderfully preserved. 

Meadow Creek Park

Another stunning park is Summit County’s Meadow Creek Park where you can meet up with your friends or gather with family. You have access to a nice playground for kids will enjoy and a pavilion to hang out in. 

Parks in Frisco, Colorado summit county

Nature lovers will appreciate the exquisite mountain and pond vistas. You can also bring along your fishing rod and try your luck.

Frisco Bay Marina Park

If you prefer a beach setting, head out to Frisco Bay Marina Park in Summit County. Your kids will enjoy spending time in the playground with easy access to the sand. This park is near Dillon Reservoir so you can also rent a boat or go fishing after.


Maryland Creek Park

Maryland Creek Park is very spacious, newly built in Summit County, Colorado. It contains a disc golf course to practice your swings and has vast fields for any recreational sport, including a hiking trail linking to Gore Range Trail.

Rainbow Park

Suitable for sports fans, Rainbow Park is renowned for its skate park. It also boasts of having a playground and a variety of courts to indulge in friendly tennis matches, a basketball court to shoot some hoops, and fun sand volleyball games. It also has two playgrounds for kids.

If you like throwing a frisbee, they also have a multi-purpose field available.

Trent Park

Another park that welcomes all kinds of sports enthusiasts is Trent Park. This Summit County park has two tennis courts, a baseball field, a playground, picnic tables, and a fishing pond.

North Pond Park

If water activities are more your style then North Pond Park is the perfect spot. This park lets you go fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. 


Carter Park & Pavilion

Offering several amenities, Carter Park & Pavilion remains top of the mind for Summit County’s locals. You can indulge in your choice of sport with two tennis courts, sand volleyball areas, and other athletic facilities. 

Breckenridge, CO parks and activities summit county blue river

Breckenridge SkatePark

With its improved skate facilities, Breckenridge SkatePark is friendly to skaters of all ages and skill levels. It features bowls for beginners and pros and a snake run. The best thing about this park is it’s free and it’s open from sunrise to sunset.

River Park and Playground

Its interesting and stylish design attracts kids of all ages. Its core theme is based on a natural setting and it runs adjacent to the Blue River.

River Park and Playground promote an active outdoor lifestyle with an emphasis on nature-driven activities.

Kingdom Park

Summit County locals have more options in Kingdom Park, as they can pick between a playground for kids and a whitewater kayak area for the adults. If you want to avoid water splashes, you can always swap in a tennis match at the nearby Breckenridge Tennis Center.

High Line Railroad Park Playground

For more history immersion, Summit County visitors can choose dual entertainment. They can drop by the High Line Railroad Park Museum for educational fun. Afterward, they can let the kids run around the park and admire the authentic vintage trains.


Marina Park

Near the reservoir in Summit County, one can find Marina Park where visitors can enjoy the amazing views of the Tenmile and Gore mountain peaks. They can also explore or bring their bikes if they prefer cycling. Fishing is permitted here as well.

Hiking Guide

When you decide to explore the hiking trails around the Summit County parks, keep some essential items on hand. You never know, it can save your life or help someone else on the trail.  

Hiking safety in summit county colorado

Store the following in your bag:

  • Map for navigation including a compass 
  • Mobile phone, whistle, and a mirror to send a quick signal
  • Headlamps, extra batteries, and flashlights as a source of lighting
  • Food and water
  • Lighter and waterproof matches to create a fire
  • First aid kit that includes sunscreen and bug sprays
  • Protective gear such as thick socks, rain gear, hat, and gloves

This to remember when hiking in Summit County, Colorado:

  • Choose a trail that’s suitable for your group
  • Familiarize yourself with your trail beforehand
  • Pack high energy snacks
  • Hike early
  • Be alert to the weather forecast
  • Hike with a companion
  • Arm yourself with sun protection
  • Avoid diverting from the trail
  • Tell someone about your hiking trip and share your schedule
  • If you find yourself lost, stop wandering and stay in one spot to wait for the search and rescue team.


There’s plenty of parks and outdoor recreation for locals and visitors to enjoy in Summit County, Colorado. When planning your next vacation be sure to visit any one of the lovely Colorado parks in Summit County.

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