Best Group Activities in Breckenridge 

Group Activities in Breckenridge

Breckenridge, Colorado is an exciting destination for experiencing unforgettable adventures in the summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons. The area has plenty of space and activities for the thrill-lovers, adventurers, and explorers. 

There are endless opportunities for fun and adventure during the summer months in particular. You should consider taking some time during your next trip to Breckenridge to enjoy the following activities with friends and family. 

Explore Breckenridge’s Historic Main Street

The town is famous for the preserved Victorian Main Street lined with more than two hundred stores, art galleries, quaint shops, antique shops, jewelry outlets, feel-good boutiques selling wellness treats, a variety of locally made goods and gear, and mind-blowing scenic views of the mountains and rivers in town. 

There are numerous activities and stores to explore along the streets meaning that no matter who you’re traveling with, there will be something for them to enjoy here.

Additionally, locals and tourists have excellent views allowing them to capture stunning photographs of the mountains, rivers, and nature trails in the area. Movement around the city is made easy with a free transportation shuttle servicing most of the town including those on Main Street. 

Rocky Mountains

The breathtaking views are captured at the peaks. Hiking and biking in Breckenridge are enchanting experiences you can have with friends and loved ones. The trails lead to beautiful destination lines with stunning trees and wildflowers. Not to worry for those seeking a more subtle exploration of nature, there are numerous activities in Breckenridge catering to everyone. 

hiking in Colorado

Should you fancy dirt roads, paved paths, or challenging summits, all of these options are available. Moreover, horseback riding is an activity enjoyed in the Rocky Mountains. Whatever skill level you’re at, your group will be able to find enjoyable and awe-inspiring activities in the Rockies.

The Breckenridge Troll

This is an Instagram-famous 5-meter tall sculpture near the ice rink found along the Trollstigen Trail. It’s known as the Isak Hearthstone and attracts thousands of tourists annually to gaze upon and pose with the Danish artist Thomas Dambo’s creation. 

Thomas is famous globally, attributing this to his approach of creating awareness of upcycling and recycling by using trash to create magnificent things. Tourists are also advised to observe the Leave No Trace principles and prepare themselves by acquiring the right gear to hit the trails.

Country Boy Mine

There are several destinations and activities available for exploration in Breckenridge. Of these, there are historic hikes, ghost tours, and free museums that contribute to the range of activities available. For instance, the restored Country Boy Mine is situated 1000 feet underground and open for tours and visits letting people experience how life was in the 1880s. 

The gold panning is another thrilling exercise carried out in a real mine and those who partake in the activity get to keep what they find from the excavation!

hiking tours in Breckenridge, CO

Carter Park

Carter Park is a choice destination in Breckenridge’s southeastern corner for hikers and bikers seeking woody trails and the White River National Forest’s cool shades. Groups of any size can enjoy a walk in the park and have picnics in the forest while gazing into some rare trees preserved over years. 

Unwind with Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that will ease your tension and bring additional balance and calm to your life. Groups can sign up for yoga classes that are offered indoors and outdoors in various studios around Breckenridge catering to anyone wither they be beginners or experts. 

Frisco Marina

The Frisco Marina is perfect for an afternoon of kayaking and enjoying paddleboard rentals to soak in the sunshine. Breckenridge’s lakes and rivers make up some of the top attractions in the area bringing people from all over the world. The Maggie Pond is where people can take guided fly-fishing tours complete with lessons, licenses, equipment, and transportation.

The Breckenridge Golf Course

Golf fans can experience one of Breckenridge’s one-of-a-kind golf courses and have an exciting playtime. Breckenridge is the only town in the world to maintain the 27-hole Jack Nicklaus-designed course. It sits at a 9324 feet elevation and allows golfer’s balls to go farther and straighter than at lower elevations attributed to less air resistance. 

hiking with dogs

Hiking with Dogs

Nature trails in the area are perfect for taking walks, running, and having summer adventures with your dog. That said make sure you follow trail guidelines to ensure that you, your dog, and fellow hikers are safe at all times. You should also carry bags to clean up after your pets along the hike and make sure to bring water and snacks for you and your furry friends. 

If you can’t bring your pet along, there are some things you can do to prepare them for the temporary separation.

BreckConnect Gondola

This is a scenic destination choice for several visitors and hikers who get to explore an array of activities including chairlift rides, mini golf, rock climbing, hiking, the Gold Runner Coaster, and the Alpine Slide. 

You and your friends can explore the Epic Discovery fun park on Peak 8. Given the infrastructure in the area, groups can have private team-building sessions, excursions, and zip-lining tours organized. All this while enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes Breckenridge, Colorado has to offer.

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